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The babe brigades a.k.a. Lakme divas summer song...

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Hi everyone this post is my second entry for the Lakme diva blogger contest. In the first part you read my poem about how I met Kyra, banished my sun woes and had a blast! Now Kyra and my gang of girlfriends have teamed up to form the Babe Brigade and live it up this summer... Read on to join us and have an unforgettable summer!

Ooohhhh summer Never will you be a bummer Shine on Mr sunny! For we love you honey!
We are the Babe brigade From you we will never be scared We no longer need to hide When you show your merciless side
From your harmful rays We are shielded and are absolutely safe Do you want to know the secret That has changed our Kismet?
With the Lakme sun expert range Stepping out in the sun will never feel strange Just choose your SPF And let Lakme's magic take care of the rest!
We are here to spread the good word And have your questions about sun protection answered So that from sun exposure worries you will be free And can step out in the sun confidently
This summer we plan…

Summers fun with Lakme and Kyra...

Hi all, thank you for choosing to visit my page and read my poem. Your thoughts mean a lot to me.This poem is for the Lakme Diva blogger contest 2012. It talks about how Lakme and the lakme sunshine girl Kyra changed my life forever!  Happy reading and have a blast this summer!

I used to shudder When I thought about the onset of summer Oh the oppressive heat Beating it is no mean feat
I'd stay indoors And venture out only when the sun had gone to snore I looked on enviously At other women braving the heat so coolly
How could they not care About the damage the sun did not only to their skin but also hair? Did they know about something sun-care? Of which I was unaware!
I wished someone would guide me Wave A magic wand and dispel everything gloomy! I longed to lounge in the sun And have loads of fun
I wanted to be able to see exotic locations Without being bothered by skin ministrations Spend hours at the beach Playing volley ball and surfing till the sunsets within reach
My longing for radiant un…

Weekend inertia

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Aah come the much awaited weekend And what do we typically do? Fritter it away Like there was no other care!

A hectic week, followed by a lethargic weekend Can never fathom where it went Time just seemed to zip by Nothing could I do about it but simply sigh

While I sat motionless rooted to the spot I was cast away from my lot Did not feel like completing my weekend chores Wished someone would lift me out of my woes

I felt to tired even to relax Sleep was elusive and kept me feeling taxed Switching on the tv made my head hurt I kept on wondering why my weekend was cursed

Just two days in a week do we get to unwind Then why must I feel as if I'm in a bind? Why can't I have some fun and let things go For once let my hair down and polish my toes

Why does the weekend finish Before it even began Why do I feel like a sardine stuffed in a can Will someone point me out of this misery? Please man!
This never-ending inertia will drive me insane I've tried everything to cure this lethargy but i…

My metamorphosis into a bun maska...

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My heart leaped with elation When I read- Cafeteria announces the launch of a bun maska station    Now I could have my favourite snack Any time round the clock without holding back
Long winding lines at the chaiwala Seemed to attest that I was not the only one who thought so So light and fluffy, melt in the mouth! Is one ever enough? Umm no!   Can be gobbled up in a jiffy No mess, a time save, really quick and spiffy  Not one but  four versions to choose from Eat to your hearts content without any qualm     Bun with butter, extra cheese, and if you have a sweet tooth, there's jam  Accompanied with a hot cup of  sweet tea,  Anything better can there be?  
 Then one night in my dream Appeared  my super  thin calorie conscious friend who  thinks she's  supreme   I was as usual gobbling away to glory When  she began to bore me with  her  calorie story
  150 calories in a plain bun  A spoon/  cube of butter only another 100  Making a normal one 250 cal  An irresistible slice of cheese ap…


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Do you love a beginning? And can’t wait to dive in… A chance to explore To do something more
Or are you fascinated by the end Please don’t say “That depends!!!”
A fresh start Means with some things we must part A mix of the new and the old What will this year hold? Surely that’s a mystery that will slowly unfold
Will inflation ease? Onions stop being such a tease? And runaway prices give us some much needed peace
Hope the scams give us a breather Will the air that we breathe ever become cleaner
Or will growth be phenomenal And yet the world become economical
Or do you think the entire din Is simply a sin Can’t every day Just make us better in some way
For life is a circle With boundless opportunities we are encircled So make the most of today Lest time files away
Well that brings us to the end Till next month dear friends We hope that ‘Suryoday in you’ Makes all your dreams come true

My dream gown

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I want to own a gown That makes me look like the greatest gal in town
A haute couture outfit That a royal would befit
I want to feel like a princess And wear something timeless
A heavenly creation That is coveted by the entire nation
An ensemble that would add to my persona And have me step into the shoes of a prima-donna
Enhance my sensuality Yet be within the realms of subtlety
While complementing my figure In onlookers minds; awe and envy is what it should trigger
While enhancing my feminine side It should make the owner beam with pride
Something set in the tones of midnight blue That would rival the night sky’s brilliant hues

Monsoon ramblings

Do you consider the months of incessant rain A very big pain Does the roaring thunder Make your life go asunder
Or are you one of those Who wait for the downpours next dose? Just one look at an overcast sky To some brings immense joy
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The most awaited season That makes you want to celebrate without any reason Does the onset of the monsoon Make your heart sing a different tune
Though riddled with uncertainty Yet reasons for its importance can be found aplenty Will it flood and endlessly pour Or will the spectre of drought be knocking at our door?
While the met makes predictions The Rain Gods point in other directions                 So you’re more often than not caught unaware Don’t despair some days in life are always unfair
My constant companion, my umbrella He’s a jolly good fellah!!! Protecting me from the wet This season’s most prized asset
Spotting a rainbow Makes your soul seem to glow You instantly smile And feel life’s worthwhile
The colours of the VIBGYOR Nev…

Work life balance

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Striking the right work life balance... A real test of patience? A slippery tightrope walk... That makes even the best people balk!
Juggling work and family While trying to live life wisely Giving your best to both worlds Without making your head swirl
 So how do you manage the role of a manager Along with playing Daddy & Mommy  Giving time not just to work But friends, family, community, self and spirit, without being irked
So many suggestions Can answer your questions But it’s solely in your hands to make things happen And be a WLB champion
Welcome to the world of today Where telecommuting and work flexibility Is no longer a perk but a necessity
For some it’s about working smarter And not necessarily harder But loving what you do, Will always keep away the blues
Busting stress frequently Will certainly fireyour energy Engaging in your hobbies Is sure to soothe all furies
There is a time to work And a time to leave work behind So now is the time to take an oath And promise yourself that you’ll…