The babe brigades a.k.a. Lakme divas summer song...

Hi everyone this post is my second entry for the Lakme diva blogger contest. In the first part you read my poem about how I met Kyra, banished my sun woes and had a blast! Now Kyra and my gang of girlfriends have teamed up to form the Babe Brigade and live it up this summer... Read on to join us and have an unforgettable summer!

Ooohhhh summer
Never will you be a bummer
Shine on Mr sunny!
For we love you honey!

We are the Babe brigade
From you we will never be scared
We no longer need to hide
When you show your merciless side

From your harmful rays
We are shielded and are absolutely safe
Do you want to know the secret
That has changed our Kismet?

With the Lakme sun expert range
Stepping out in the sun will never feel strange
Just choose your SPF
And let Lakme's magic take care of the rest!

We are here to spread the good word
And have your questions about sun protection answered
So that from sun exposure worries you will be free
And can step out in the sun confidently

This summer we plan to tour the hottest parts of the country
From the deserts in the north to the beaches in the south
We go there on a mission
To make sure women enjoy this hot season

Why should women stay indoors?
When to the sun we have a cure!
And why just women? Why not men???
Surely Lakme sun expert will work for them!!!

Aahh! Lakme! Lakme! Lakme!.
You're missing a Market don't you see
If we can have fairness creams for him
Then a sun block for guys is not just my silly whim!
Run Lakme! Run!
Quickly launch one
Before others jump the gun!!!

But for now it's time to meet the new Lakme divas
Ma, Saasu Ma, Chachi, Massi, Bhabhi, Didi, Nani, Dadi, Aunty... The list goes on
You are most welcome to join our gang
Together we will have a bang
Being in the sun never felt so good
Welcome to the Lakme sisterhood!!!

So sunny!
We love you honey!!!
Continue to shine on,
While we dance to the babe brigades summer song!!!

PS: visit to catch more of the action and make your summer a happening one!


  1. Wow!! Nice flow to the poem .
    All the best for the contest ! Promoted :)

  2. Thanks Uma, glad you liked it. Keep visiting


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