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Top 5 things to keep a baby’s skin safe, smooth and protected

Your precious bundle of joy Tiny fingers and little toes Skin that’s super soft And needs premium care Here are five tops tips To keep your infant’s skin smooth and protected
The very sight of a baby draws ‘Oooh’s and Aahh’s’ from everyone. You just want to cuddle the little one and revel in the smoothness of its super soft skin.  It’s no wonder that all advertisements for moisturizing creams for adults claim to give you ‘Baby smooth skin’. This is the very reason that an infant’s skin requires ultimate protection and care.  The harsh sun and polluted environment that we live in is sure to take their toll on your little one’s ultra-sensitive skin.  So what are the five most common skin problems that all babies face at some point and what are the best ways to deal with them and keep you angel’s skin super soft?

The devil called ‘Diaper Rash’- This is one skin problem that every baby faces no matter how much you try to avoid it. The diaper area being warm and moist is most prone to breakout, h…

Haiku # Over

Mellowed radiance Over sun-kissed mountaintops Divine gift of hope
Links to: Haiku Horizon- "Over"
Poem and Photograph © Vyomi Malik

Tales of Silence

No words exchanged, Only glaring eyes. Faces forever, Turned away. Silence speaks, Words of hatred.
Nostrils flared, Blazing eyes. Clenched fingers, Gritted teeth. Silence speaks, Words of anger.
Drooping shoulders, Dejected countenance. Eyes awash, With a river of tears. Silence speaks, Words of sorrow.
Stolen glances, Filled with longing. Dreamy eyes, A rosy glow. Silence speaks, Words of love.
Desolate eyes, Shrunken frame. Protruding bones, Palms outstretched. Silence speaks, Words of hunger.
Snow white hair, Twinkling eyes. Warm smiles, An air of serenity. Silence speaks, Words of wisdom. 
Poem © Vyomi Malik