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The power of your weakest links...

Your power is only as strong as your weakest link

In the blink of any eye once that loose link snaps

It ushers in a paradigm shift

One that no one thought could exist

You think your house was made of the strongest rock

Only to realize it was an illusion

That collapsed like a pack of cards with the slightest of nudges...

And your are left sifting through the rubble wondering what went so horribly wrong?

Your weakest links are meant to be identified and strengthened

To ensure your chain is unbreakable even if the odds are insurmountable.

Instead if you shun them and find excuses, the price paid sometimes can be very heavy.

It's better to take weak links as loopholes

A warning to heed for corrective action

Taken in time can mean the difference between success and failure!

For from the ashes does not the Phoenix rise?