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Haiga- Sunset

Links to: Haiku Horizons prompt "sweep" Haiku and photograph © Vyomi Malik

The Three Musketeers’

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to share with you my latest poem- The Three Musketeers’ which has been published by Your feedback and comments are what keep me going and I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

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Stay fit and feel young the honey way!!!

Dieting and the way to fitness is one topic that everyone feels they are qualified to give your their two cents on. The overweight neighborhood has been there done that aunty, to the gawky teenage girls who seem to be high on anorexia; everyone has a word of advice. If you’ve been brave to heed to their so called tips you would notice that with such passing fads there is only one thing that’s guaranteed- disappointment. While initially you might be able to keep of the kilos as you crash diet or swing from one latest diet to the other, you are sure to find the weight piling back as none of this is really sustainable in the long run.

A crash diet or any diet based on only certain food groups without meeting proper nutritional guidelines is a sure shot way to landing yourself into a health disaster and deficiencies.  And if you’re just relying on dieting without any exercise then that’s even more foolish and unsustainable. A healthy, balanced diet along with regular exercise both are ne…

Alone- A poem on loneliness

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She sat still like made of stone On a bench in the park Dusk’s morose fingers Blanketing her countenance
Her face she would not lift To hide a stream of silent tears An ocean of misery Emanating from her soul
Countless thoughts tormented Her mind every second As blank eyes stared Deep into nothingness
Mom had gone this year Dad the year before last Leaving her to cope With the ravages of the past
No roof to shelter her head As even taking away their home Was not enough to satiate The greedy belly of the banks
Hunger her constant companion Fear a permanent resident of Every atom of her being Cornered by emptiness outside and within
No loving arms to run into No one to hide behind Not a shoulder to lean on At life’s most difficult bend
Just her and the darkness Entwined in grief Hoping endlessly for The miracle of light

The latest way to surf, super fast!

Smartphone’s taking over every aspect of our lives are a common phenomena but when every male eye and a large percentage of the female eyes too are glued to their gadgets discussing nothing but scores, you know the most awaited season of the nation has arrived.
Cricket season is a time when almost everything in the nation comes to a standstill. Whether it is at home or the workplace, heads bent in reverence to Smartphone’s, googling cricket scores are a common sight. Keeping tabs on the latest numbers along with multitasking becomes really difficult with you having to decide to make a choice between either just giving up following the game completely or putting on the backburner all the small little things that make life worthwhile.
Latest technology notwithstanding, browser speed forms a very important aspect of our online experience. Even super fast Smartphone hardware seems to generally wage a losing battle, when it comes to a seamless browsing experience. It seems a distant dream…