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Smartphone’s taking over every aspect of our lives are a common phenomena but when every male eye and a large percentage of the female eyes too are glued to their gadgets discussing nothing but scores, you know the most awaited season of the nation has arrived.

Cricket season is a time when almost everything in the nation comes to a standstill. Whether it is at home or the workplace, heads bent in reverence to Smartphone’s, googling cricket scores are a common sight. Keeping tabs on the latest numbers along with multitasking becomes really difficult with you having to decide to make a choice between either just giving up following the game completely or putting on the backburner all the small little things that make life worthwhile.

Latest technology notwithstanding, browser speed forms a very important aspect of our online experience. Even super fast Smartphone hardware seems to generally wage a losing battle, when it comes to a seamless browsing experience. It seems a distant dream to want to play your latest games, surf websites and carry out other tasks online without the constant annoyance due to slow browser speed. Imagine if browser speed glitches were a thing of the past and your browser also served as a one stop destination for the latest cricket scores, wouldn’t that be a real godsend solution for all your woes?

Say hello to the UC Browser with its dedicated space for Cricket fans, UC Cricket. There could be no greater way to stay connected in a super fast manner, without any glitches and not miss any update of your favorite game! Instead of bunking school, college or tuitions, playing sick from work to catch up on the game or avoiding family and other engagements like the plague when its Cricket season you can be a part of all the action and still keep up with all your other commitments.

So what is the UC Browser all about? A lightning speed browser, available for download across all platforms whether mobile, desktop or tablet.  With Yuvraj Singh as the brand ambassador, you can expect nothing but the fastest web experience! This browser also boasts of a dedicated service for Cricket fans with live scores and latest news. After downloading the UC Browser, one just needs to go to the home screen and click on the blue icon for UC Cricket. The features include live scores that are auto updated, fixture and results, latest news and videos.  

Now checking Google for the latest scores is a thing of the past. Just download the app and get started. A must watch are these innovative YouTube videos that in a hilarious manner bring out the features of this browser. My favorite one is that which features Yuvraj as Narad Muni.  If the beloved men in your life are as obsessed with their Smartphone’s like Lord Shiva in this video, then you know just what to do!

Yuvraj Singh as Narad Muni by UC Browser

Yuvraj Singh ke Chakkae by UC Browser   

Yuvraj Singh as Bahadur Thapa by UC Browser


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