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Book Review- Stolen hope – Part 3 of series ‘Ramayana- The game of life’

Book: Stolen hope – Part 3 of series ‘Ramayana- The game of life’
Author:  Shubha Vilas
Genre: Mythology, Spirituality, Leadership

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw BlogAdda was giving bloggers a chance to review Shubha Vilas’s latest book- Stolen Hope. The third part in his series on the great epic Ramayana called the game of life. The book arrived last week and when I opened the packaging, I was in for a real treat- an author signed copy with a small note wishing the reader an enlightened new year. I couldn’t have asked for a greater book to start my reading in the New Year, nor a more heart touching message! It felt, as if in that instant, I was being showered with blessings from the author himself- a great motivational speaker and spiritual seeker.
(Personal note from the author)
A little bit of a background for those who’ve not had the opportunity to read the first two parts- the first (Rise of the Sun Prince) part tells the tale of the rise of the sun prince and ends at the…

Haiku- Writer's Block

Clunky sentences Finger firmly on delete Empty depths of white Poem and photograph © Vyomi Malik

Black isn't beautiful...A Poem

Black isn't beautiful It's sublime
Unfathomable depths Well kept secrets
No end in sight Not an iota of light
An endless vortex More convoluted than your cerebral cortex
An unsolved mystery Luminescent sublimity
Beauty hidden within the unknown Dark remoteness lone
A big black hole Mesmerizing legends untold
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Poem © Vyomi Malik


A perfect start to a good morning is possible when you can turn that good start into something more, something greater and bigger that inspires you to put your best foot forward and chase your dreams day after day.  Putting behind the proceedings of the earlier day a new morning brings with it the opportunity for a fresh start. A new way to look at things and a new chance at life! Each new day is an opportunity in itself which we should try our level best to take small steps everyday to move closer to our chosen goals.

So what makes the perfect start turning a good morning into a gold morning? It is that blast of freshness that wakes you from the dreamy sleep state and transports you into a world of freshness? For some of us sleepy heads, we need a blast of freshness to kick start our mornings. What best way to say hello to a fresh new morning and turn a good morning to gold using the gold standard of oral cleaning; Colgate360 degree charcoal gold. The first thing you do when you wake …