A perfect start to a good morning is possible when you can turn that good start into something more, something greater and bigger that inspires you to put your best foot forward and chase your dreams day after day.  Putting behind the proceedings of the earlier day a new morning brings with it the opportunity for a fresh start. A new way to look at things and a new chance at life! Each new day is an opportunity in itself which we should try our level best to take small steps everyday to move closer to our chosen goals.

So what makes the perfect start turning a good morning into a gold morning? It is that blast of freshness that wakes you from the dreamy sleep state and transports you into a world of freshness? For some of us sleepy heads, we need a blast of freshness to kick start our mornings. What best way to say hello to a fresh new morning and turn a good morning to gold using the gold standard of oral cleaning; Colgate360 degree charcoal gold. The first thing you do when you wake up is to begin brushing your teeth for a fresh mouth gives a great boost to your day.

 A fresh mouth not only gives you great confidence to attack the day, it also sets the tone giving you a great start. If you’re fresh and confident you will be able to tackle head on every challenge that comes your way. Oral hygiene forms the most important part of every persons daily morning routine. If for some reason you don’t get this right you are quite literally left with a very bad taste in your mouth for the rest of your day. Getting the right start to your day plays a very important role in transforming just a good morning to a great morning which literally turns your whole day to gold #Colgate360GoldMornings.

Waking up to a morning routine which sets the tone to your day can encompass many aspects. The perfect oral care regimen is definitely something that features on the top of my priority list. Apart from this, small little things like wishing your loved ones a great morning, pushing your lazy self out of bed and trying to work that lazy body gives you a great sense of achievement and really makes you feel that your morning is made of gold all through the whole 360 degrees.

Planning what you are going to do each day in detail right at the start of the day helps you work through all your priorities in a timely manner. That lively feeling of being in control of your morning with a fabulous gold start really gives you the perfect sense of being on top of the world and is the perfect start which transforms a good morning to gold in every way possible.


  1. A great writer can only turn a minute activity into an enriching experience


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