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Cakes, Cookies & Wine...

Cakes, Cookies and Wine
Make this festive season divine!
But amidst all the merriment, do we stop to think about our waistlines?

This is not to put a dampener in your festive cheer
Or me pretending to be a seer

But just something to make you stop and think
Before you embark on an uncontrolled binge

A huge slice of Mama's homemade rich plum cake
How many calories in that one intake?

300 to 400 I'd say would be the range
To wolf down more than one slice now are you game?

The pretty frosted cookies that we munch on with so much glee
In just one, 200 would be the minimum calories

And oh what about a decadent glass of red wine?
25 calories per ounce, and you thought drinking a whole bottle was calorie free and totally fine!

You can merrily do all of the above
If you action your plan for burning the extra energy does not collapse like a house of cards when shoved!

You'll say- Go away I'm only feasting for this one day
Who cares as tomorrow I vow not to be led astray!

It's …

How run of the mill dialogue had inspiration leapfrog

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When you generally visit  a new country or a place you tend to ask people around you for suggestions of places to visit and things to do. Some will be kind enough to help you with an entire itinerary and some will say this place has all you want. So what do you want to do? Ever thought that could be fun? Well it was in my case as I landed up doing something I'd wanted to do for quite sometime.

This is just to say Thank you in a really small way
For what you might question? Well it's something I'm just about to mention!
I'm not sure you remember that conversation About what are the best things to do in this nation
I'd asked what you'd recommend You said- that depends coz everything you wish for is available around the bend!
That set me thinking What is it, that will set my heart singing?
That led me to whip out my bucket list Aha! I could finally do something that I'd always wished!
Sometimes ever a very small word Can lead you to open up a whole new world

Hits & Misses

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Ever tried catching up with someone only to keep on missing each other? You call they miss and they call you miss? And not just once but several times? A very common thing. So today instant rhymer will entertain you with a rhyme based on this... So read on

Miss one I was probably in the kitchen baking my bun!
Miss two Tying up the laces of my shoes?
Miss three You were caught up in something urgent and were not free!
Miss four Was that someone at the door?
Miss five Well...  don't get agitated for hits and misses are a normal part of life
This was just me trying to be funny And let my imagination have a field day running

Happy Birthday Dearest Gran

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It's my Grandma's birthday tomorrow and she's really difficult to please So I thought of an innovative gift for her. Will get this rhyme and a picture of me and gran printed and framed Hope I'm able to please her.

My dearest darling sweetie pie Nanz
You are the super coolest gran
and I am forever your ardent fan

Your sense of humor is simply fab
You really know how to turn a moment into fun from dull and drab

You keep me grounded and down to earth
And have taught me how to respect everything's worth

From you I learnt always to wear a smile
Even if I have to walk shoeless for countless miles

You taught me how to keep a level head
Pursue my goals and forge ahead

Your emphasis on hard work has always stayed
Which is why every challenge I happily embrace

Even in the face of adversity
You radiate so much positive energy
That adversity says I picked the wrong one
And takes an about turn coz you leave it with no choice but to run

From you I learnt how to be grat…

The Best Manager

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We've nominated our manager for the Best Manager Award for 2012- This is the poem we've included in our nomination citation...Hope he wins...for he is truly the best manager...results today and fingers crossed... M-Ourmentorcum motivator
A-An action oriented leader, who to emulate we aspire
N –A Novel idea generator
A-An ambitious achiever, we believe no manager is greater
G- Grows his people andgoesthe extra mile
E- Empowers employeescreating an environment to excel which makes working with him worthwhile
R- Ourrole modelwho hasradicallyredefined the meaning of the best manager