How run of the mill dialogue had inspiration leapfrog

When you generally visit  a new country or a place you tend to ask people around you for suggestions of places to visit and things to do. Some will be kind enough to help you with an entire itinerary and some will say this place has all you want. So what do you want to do? Ever thought that could be fun? Well it was in my case as I landed up doing something I'd wanted to do for quite sometime.

This is just to say
Thank you in a really small way

For what you might question?
Well it's something I'm just about to mention!

I'm not sure you remember that conversation
About what are the best things to do in this nation

I'd asked what you'd recommend
You said- that depends coz everything you wish for is available around the bend!

That set me thinking
What is it, that will set my heart singing?

That led me to whip out my bucket list
Aha! I could finally do something that I'd always wished!

Sometimes ever a very small word
Can lead you to open up a whole new world

That you somewhere knew existed
But had pushed away to deep hidden recesses

After a bit of research I picked up the phone
And had myself booked for a tandem sky dive- Oh boy! I couldn't wait to be airborne!!!

Even sometimes run of the mill dialogue
Can have inspiration leapfrog

Hope you're not embarrassed by this short poem
It's just something instant poet does to wish away boredom

So thank you again
I guess its time for me to put down my pen


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