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Thanks to Dove, My braided hair is something I love!!!

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Show me a girl who doesn't love long hair Stylish braids hesitates to wear
Insists sporting a short mane is chic And believes the whole fuss about lovely long hair is simply a marketing trick
I've been one of them since time immemorial Spilt ends and me have a constant tussle.
Every time my hair would grow a little The rough ends ensured the hairdressers snip to get rid of the prickle
Whenever  in school we had best braid competition I'd shy away and cry coz having short hair I was always left out of the action!
 No amount of oiling or any other thing Seemed to want my broken heart to mend

Can one get rid of insomnia forever?

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Insomnia insomnia my best friend! Will my tryst with you ever end?

When will I ever be at complete peace, Is sleep really over -rated? Something I don't believe in at least!

So what is it that keeps me awake Snatches my sleep and makes my head ache

Why do I always need to count sheep Why can't I dose off and dream of wonderful things for keeps

If its not  anymore a broken heart Is it an unfulfilled wish that keeps me from sleep apart

Or maybe its  some sort of stress Oh ,why does my life only have to be a mess!!

Can there ever be a permanent cure? As if eternal happiness ever endures!!