Thanks to Dove, My braided hair is something I love!!!

Show me a girl who doesn't love long hair
Stylish braids hesitates to wear

Insists sporting a short mane is chic
And believes the whole fuss about lovely long hair is simply a marketing trick

I've been one of them since time immemorial
Spilt ends and me have a constant tussle.

Every time my hair would grow a little
The rough ends ensured the hairdressers snip to get rid of the prickle

Whenever  in school we had best braid competition
I'd shy away and cry coz having short hair I was always left out of the action!

 No amount of oiling or any other thing
Seemed to want my broken heart to mend

For beautiful hair is a girls best accessory
Of which I'd always been deprived of mercilessly

I've  always hated pretending to be content with wearing my hair short 
While others flaunted beautiful braids , with envy I could only watch!

Come college and the stresses of teenage life
My hair seemed to echo the strife 

Brittle and  completely damage prone
Looking at miss beautiful hair's  snazzy braids in college with longing made me moan 

I pretended not to care and in my efforts to be supercool 
I landed up doing further damage to my hair and  realized I was a fool

 I Spiked my hair and dyed it pink
After the initial shock and awe, my incessant falling hair made me think

Why should gorgeous damage free hair be a distant dream
Everyone deserves  to have a mane that rivals Rapunzel's sheen

Then began my search of  the perfect solution
Which would make my dream come true and I'd live forever in elation!

Loads of different products I tried
All dashed my hopes but I kept on swimming against the tide

Then one fine day I signed up for the Dove spilt end rescue trial
And kept my fingers crossed and hoped the outcome would be blissful

It's been a week and I'm already thrilled
Click on this link to look at Dove's new spilt ends rescue range and you'll understand how my dreams of having the perfect braid have been fulfilled!

 Goodbye Spilt ends now you're a thing of the past
 Hello beautiful hair, for  my love affair with  beautiful braids is here to last


  1. good one...I have something written in similar take a look

  2. lovely..!!

  3. Thanks all for the wonderful comments!
    Keep visiting!


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