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DIY Handmade cards for any occasion: Creative Quilling

Creative Quilling
DIY Handmade cards for any occasion
This holiday season I've taken up a new hobby, something I'd always wanted to try and wondered if I'd be successful at. I'm a fan of designing unique things to add on to gifts to give that special personal touch to whatever you choose to gift any time of the season. 
A personal handmade item goes a long way considering the time, creativity and effort it takes to make one of these speaks for itself about your feelings towards the recipient of this gift.
How to go about this? Well it's fairly simple! All you need is a DIY quilling kit available readily at any stationary or toy store. 
My dear brother played Santa and on Christmas day and bought me a basic creative quilling kit for Christmas which I had a blast with.

All you need to do is just twirl colorful paper strips into whatever shapes your heart desires and voila you have a unique way to give a special message for any occasion.

Photograph © Vyomi Malik
You can start…

#Awakenyourforce with the new HP Star wars limited edition notebook

Ever since I’ve visited the Star wars page on the HP website with the specifications of the HP limited edition notebook, I really wish I get an opportunity to own this fabulous beast of a machine and make use of all the amazing features it boasts of.
Being a poet and a writer of children’s stories I’m sure this limited edition notebook will be the perfect inspiration and will push me in the direction of achieving my long standing dream and fulfill my destiny – writing sci-fi stories for children with interactive digital graphic content.
While the world sleeps, in the dark of the night this notebook will help me unleash my inner Sith with its glowing red backlit keyboard I will type away in the dark of the night with its illuminated keyboard and plot my sci-fi stories.

 My imagination will take a fanciful flight inspired by all the special Star Wars memorabilia and the characters in my story will come to live and unleash their powers to stop the force of evil taking over the world.
I will …

Book Review- The Best Seller She Wrote

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It comes as no surprise that Ravi Subramanian’s latest book- The Bestseller she wrote is the No. 1 book on the HT Nielson BookScan.  With all the ingredients of a hit Bollywood masala movie a motion picture is to be made on it soon too. I was very keen to read this book as this was the first time one of my favorite authors had chosen intrigue in romance as his subject. Beneath the title of the book are three words that describe the book and its story very aptly- Love, Betrayal and Redemption; the three classic ingredients of a great story.
When a best-selling writer of thrillers chooses love as his subject the story is sure to be a thrilling one with lots of twists and turns which will leave you guessing till the end.  Ravi’s latest book did not disappoint for a second. I was hooked and could not put down the book and read it through the course of a day.
I’m not going to give you the entire story and spoil your fun but what I’d really like to do is give you a brief outlin…

Can life be a poem?

Can life be a poem? A medley of  Picturesque words heartfelt Sometimes bitter Sometimes sweet Rays of hope Tinged with dusk’s darkness Rainbows hiding behind Murky skies Warmth of hands held Kisses of love divine Intimacy of  Two beating hearts Love’s fire Separation’s pain Chirping birds Clanking dishes Whistling kettles Zooming planes Shopping bargains Endless wars Brokered peace The rise and fall Of empires great Forever constant Dramatic change Yes life is a poem! Every infinitesimal emotion Straight from the heart Inked onto eternity
Poem © Vyomi Malik

Write Over the Weekend (WOW)- ‘ It’s A Family Tradition’

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Neha and her bother Mohan were busy in their kitchen helping their mother. The huge oak twelve seater dining table in the kitchen, was covered with unwrapped presents, stockings, small cookie boxes, colorful cupcakes and sheets of wrapping paper. From time to time, Neha looked out of the window to watch the neighbor's children building a snowman in their garden.  The snow had fallen last night and had covered everything in sight with a soft white carpet. Tiny festive lights, big bright stars a top huge Christmas trees sparkled from every house in their tourist hill town located on the foot hills of the Himalayas.
“Mum can we go and play with Simran and Rohan please”, Neha asked excited getting up and leaving the presents she was wrapping.  “Oh Beta! Only a few hours are left for the Christmas Eve party. There is so much work to do. I really need both of you to help me” smiled Mum. While Neha wrapped each present carefully, her brother Mohan stuffed it into a stocking…

Strawberries and Cream the Sugar free way

Strawberries and Cream
The desert of dreams
If the strawberries are sour
You favourite desert how will you devour?
Especially if added sugar is a no
Keeping yourself away from deserts is life’s biggest woe
But thanks to the manna from heaven
Your life can be sweetened
Substituting sugar for Sugar free
And not missing out on anything sweet is the best won’t you agree?

Poem © Vyomi Malik
Come winter and it’s time for one of the most colourful and well-loved fruits to hit the market- strawberries. From roadside vendors to supermarkets, everyplace seem to be flooded with this beautiful fruit. For some people strawberries are their favourite fruits which they wait the entire year for. If they are sweet, devouring them is sheer delight. One of my most loved desserts which can be made in a jiffy by anyone (really- even if you’ve never cooked anything in your life and hate anything to do with) is strawberries and cream in a jar.Some of us love our sugar and can’t do without it so if the strawberries tu…

Delhi #madeofgreat

The old adage- The home is where the heart is holds true for each of us when it comes to talk about your most loved city in any respect. When asked about my most loved city, Delhi- the capital of our country, where my family has been based for most of our lives would surely be on the top of the list.
While every city has its low points and its great features, Delhi’s drive, design and connect are unique in many ways and it is truly a city made of great #madeofgreat just like the Tata motor’s campaign
Connect is something that epitomizes Delhi. Whether it’s the fact that Delhi is a melting pot of cultures with people from all over the country and the world have made this city their home and swear by it despite its shortcomings. The capital city connects with its inhabitants in multiple ways. With a history so rich and steep spanning centuries this is something that really proves that Delhi is really #madeofgreat. Delhi with its many amazing facets mana…