#Awakenyourforce with the new HP Star wars limited edition notebook

Ever since I’ve visited the Star wars page on the HP website with the specifications of the HP limited edition notebook, I really wish I get an opportunity to own this fabulous beast of a machine and make use of all the amazing features it boasts of.

Being a poet and a writer of children’s stories I’m sure this limited edition notebook will be the perfect inspiration and will push me in the direction of achieving my long standing dream and fulfill my destiny – writing sci-fi stories for children with interactive digital graphic content.

While the world sleeps, in the dark of the night this notebook will help me unleash my inner Sith with its glowing red backlit keyboard I will type away in the dark of the night with its illuminated keyboard and plot my sci-fi stories.

 My imagination will take a fanciful flight inspired by all the special Star Wars memorabilia and the characters in my story will come to live and unleash their powers to stop the force of evil taking over the world.

I will have total control over the dark side at my fingertips and wield this using the powerful wireless mouse with its low-profile, slim and sleek design to give me total control.

No matter where my life takes me I am totally hyperspace ready as my notebook is safe from debris, bumps due to the padded sleeve fit for protection from any space battle.

Since this notebook and I are going to be inseparable and I’m going to be spending a long time every day on this notebook the full HD anti glare display screen is going to protect my eyes from the glare of the computer screen as well as dazzle me with its ultra wide viewing display angle on its 15.6 inch dazzling display.

Watching movies and being entertained with this laptop will be a whole new experience for me and I will be moved to the core with HP’s Audio by B&0 PLAY.

The Intel powered i5 processor will handle my daily tasks and all the complicated digital graphics I’ll have to work on like a breeze.

The Star wars wallpapers, images, specially designed themes, sound schemes, Marvel comics, e-book excerpts and pre-loaded movie trailers all will act as a minefield of information and research material to fire and kick-start my imagination and help me take children on an inter galactic sci-fi journey.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty and unleash my fun side and awaken the force within #Awakenyourforce. I'm going to watch the latest Star wars movie tomorrow and will post my first ever movie review soon.

Note: All images are sourced from the HP star wars micro site here.


  1. I like the fact that you have written this post tailoring it to what you actually love doing.Sounded sincere and authentic. It was a nice read.Best of luck !!!!!

    1. Thank you ever so much Rahul!!! Your kind words really made my day!!! :) :) :)


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