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Dreams, Seasons and Promises

Manohar Devadoss is truly one of the greatest people I've ever had the fortune to interact with and learn from. This poem titled Dreams, Seasons and Promises depicts my thoughts and feelings after reading his poignant book of the same name illustrated with his photographs and art.This is an ode to his courage and fortitude. I am truly inspired by him. 

What adds the magical spark to life’s every memory? And turns them into cherished melodies
Hope that makes one nurture a dream, Changing seasons like the course of a stream.
Like the magical Oberlin days, Simply wondrous in so many ways
Camping out in the wild west, Some of the best memories in your treasure chest
Anyone can make hay in the sun, But true magic lies in braving all odds and emerging the one.
It is both of your courage and courage alone, That turned every darkness into a new light and shone.
The promise of togetherness, Through each and every crisis
You are truly persons of all seasons, Who can make the world smile where others see no…

Haiku- The Beatitudes

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #45, The Beatitudes

No guns or blood spilled Children of serenity Love and hope abound!

I am eternally grateful to Chèvrefeuille for the daily Haiku prompts at  Carpe Diem Haiku Kai This post is for Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #45, The Beatitudes.

Haiku- Purity

For me, purity means purity of expression and words.  Words are the love of my life, especially Haiku.  This Haiku on Purity is dedicated to Chèvrefeuille in gratitude of the daily Haiku prompts at CARPE DIEM HAIKU KAI.

Carpe Diem #715, Purity
Words straight from the heart Resonating a chord deep Expression profound!

Haiku- One with the Universe

Omnipresent One
All matter and cosmos
Universal self

I am eternally grateful to Chèvrefeuille for the daily Haiku prompts at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. This post is for the Haiku prompt on  Carpe Diem #714, Universal Self.

Celebrate your life everyday!

(Image source)
In my opinion there are two sets of people in the world. One, who like to live up their life everyday and the others who believe only certain occasions are meant to be celebrated. Should only the important milestones in life be celebrated? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could rejoice and revel in each and every single minute life has to offer you? Life is to be lived king size and not just some days, but each and every precious moment.
This weekend Kolte Patil Developers and BlogAdda in the#CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity have asked bloggers to share the things they feel are needed to lead a happy life and celebrate every moment.
If I got to do my favorite things with my favorite people each and every single day of my life, day after day, it would mean rejoicing and living up every moment.  
So in the tone of the Julie Andrew’s song ‘My favorite things’ from the movie ‘The sound of music’ here is the list of the things I feel are needed to lead a joyous life everyday
A wonderf…

Haiga -The Dance of Thunder

The dance of thunder Flashes of silver adorn The deep blue night sky
The dance of thunder Intermittent claps rattle Aboard London Eye
The dance of thunder Lighting up the London sky Big Ben gleams bright

This picture was taken by your's truly aboard the London Eye on a rainy, stormy evening with a raging thunderstorm a few years ago. A most ill opportune time to catch the splendor of the London Eye. Writing this Haiku made me re-visit the wonderful evening I spent with my brother.  In hindsight this was the most beautiful thunderstorm I've ever had the fortune to experience.  To lovely memories!!!
             I am eternally grateful to Chèvrefeuille for the daily Haiku prompts at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. This post is for the Haiku prompt on Carpe Diem Special #144, Kala Ramesh's fifth haiku "thunderclap"

Spider's thread- Haiku

(Image source) The goal of this edition at Carpe Diem Little Creatures #21, Chiyo-ni's "spider's thread" is to compose/write a haiku inspired on the given haiku following the classical rules
a single spider's thread
ties the duckweed
to the shore
© Chiyo-ni I tired to attempt two different Haiku's on the above prompt: The first one is titled Enchantment and the second Arachnophobia Enchantment Her silvery web Enchants the naïve house fly Trapped in deception ~
Arachnophobia Cleaning the attic Eight legs scurry down my back I scream petrified
I am eternally grateful to Chèvrefeuille for the daily Haiku prompts at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Crash the Pepsi IPL-My top 5 ads

Crashing the Pepsi IPL has brought some fun advertisements created by Indian television viewers in order to have their own advertisements if selected by the jury as winners to be displayed on television.
I went to crash the Pepsi IPL gallery and had a great laugh and an entertaining time looking at why the nation loves its Pepsi and cannot do without it.
Here is the list of top 5 ads that I found worthy of adding to my Pepsi IPL Hitlist because they hit my funny bone, were crazy and some of them were totally whacky. So bring your hands together for the best ads in my opinion.

The first one on my hit list is the Selective hearing ad created by Pranav Bhasin. This ad is really cute. In a nation where Pranks and fun time is a mainstay, this ad really resonates with the Pepsi loving audience. If you love all things P, in this case Pranks & Pepsi then this one is for you. 

Are you a foodie? Love all the cuisines that our diverse country has to offer? Then this second one is for you. Create…

Haiku- Devotion

Hands folded praying Reverent with gratitude For this precious life

This is posted for the daily Haiku prompt at Carpe Diem #713, devotion

Haiku-Sunflower Reflection

Carpe Diem Full Circle #1, Sunflower Reflection
Twelve (12) words (for every ''hour'') one word.  The goal is to write haiku using the words as given in the clock wise way. Here are the 12 (twelve) words 
1. sunflower
2. rain storm
3. puddles
4. beach
5. waves
6. making love
7. seagulls
8. rain storm
9. lightning
10. mountain
11. peony
12. nightingale

Haiku-Sunflower Reflection

Small brave sunflower Weathered the raging rain storm Petals in puddles
Beach side holiday Melody of crashing waves Ripples making love
Seagulls circle in flight

Haiku- Lotus

From the dreary pond, Emerges beauty sublime, Live unaffected!

This post is part of the daily Haiku prompt at Carpe Diem #712, Lotus

Haiku- Harmony

Meditative bliss, Contemplative reflection, Realization!
This post is a part of the daily Haiku prompt at  Carpe Diem #711, Harmony

Haiku- Bliss

(Image source)
Wedding bells chime bliss,
A great future beckons bright,
Blessings, love sublime!

Haiku- Purple Beauties

Violet lovelies, Swaying gently in the breeze, Leaving all spellbound!
Posted for Carpe Diem Special #143, Kala Ramesh's "wild violets"

Being Alive!

With great trepidation I'm taking part in the daily Haiku challenge posted on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. The challenge is to distill this wonderful poem into a Haiku. 
In this CD Tokubetsudesu episode Paloma wants to challenge you all to distill haiku from a poem by N.Scott Momaday.

Navarre Scott Momaday (born February 27, 1934) — known as N. Scott Momaday — is a Native American author of Kiowa descent. His work “House Made of Dawn” was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1969. Momaday received the National Medal of Arts in 2007 for his work that celebrated and preserved Native American oral and art tradition. He holds 20 honorary degrees from colleges and universities, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Momaday is considered the founding author in what critic Kenneth Lincoln has termed the Native American Renaissance.
“House Made of Dawn” is considered a classic in Native American Literature. (More about Momaday you can find by following the link under the…

Haiku on Change

A Haiku on Change.  Image is created in Paint by your's truly.



Justin took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air as he walked down the deserted country path, no one in sight for miles around.

Walking on the dirt road, lined by trees was a stark change in comparison to the madness of the concrete and pollution of the city, he had spent every waking second of his life in.

Everyone had called him crazy for his decision to quit his plum job at a city Bank and settle down in the countryside to do the one thing he loved -write with no interruption.

He was so glad he had listened to his heart and taken the plunge, for who knew what the future held unless you took a chance.

The loud honking of the snarling traffic woke Justin and he sprung up from his bed cursing, "Another darn dream!"

This post is a part of Five Sentence Fiction.

A Poem on the book -Born to run by Christopher Mc Dougall

Born to run- A best selling real life adventure story by Christopher Mc Dougall is a book that I read sometime back. Please read the detailed review on my new blog The Book Worm's Life.What I wanted to share with you was a poem that I had written on my feelings after reading this book.

The image is sourced from here. The poem is mine.
It's an image of the author Christopher Mc Dougall running in free flight.