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Celebrate your life everyday!

In my opinion there are two sets of people in the world. One, who like to live up their life everyday and the others who believe only certain occasions are meant to be celebrated. Should only the important milestones in life be celebrated? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could rejoice and revel in each and every single minute life has to offer you? Life is to be lived king size and not just some days, but each and every precious moment.

This weekend Kolte Patil Developers and BlogAdda in the #CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity have asked bloggers to share the things they feel are needed to lead a happy life and celebrate every moment.

If I got to do my favorite things with my favorite people each and every single day of my life, day after day, it would mean rejoicing and living up every moment.  

So in the tone of the Julie Andrew’s song ‘My favorite things’ from the movie ‘The sound of music’ here is the list of the things I feel are needed to lead a joyous life everyday

  •    A wonderful space of my own to call a beautiful home. My solace, my retreat and the perfect place to recharge and rejuvenate.
  •    A dedicated room, a study room which is noise proof where I can spend hours on end writing and reading, sipping on a great cup of coffee looking out of the window at the green environs below.
  •    A great place to indulge in my most loved sports- swimming, walking and cycling.
  •    A nice fitness center to learn new activities that I’ve always wanted to indulge in like learning kick boxing and Zumba to burn calories and always keep fit.
  •    Green environs to wake up to in the early morning and a space indulge in the fresh morning breeze and sunlight by doing yoga and pranayam.
  •    A fabulous kitchen garden to source my organic vegetables from and eat healthy every day.
  •    A wonderful circle of like minded people to share my thoughts with and learn from.
  •    A place which is safe and secure for my family so that we can live every moment free of any stress and tensions.

In essence, if I were to live in a wonderful cozy retreat with my most loved people, my dearest darling lovely family and share each and every glorious moment of my life with them, life would be beautiful!
The prefect song to depict all the things I listed above would be “All I want is a room somewhere” from the movie ‘My fair lady’.

Here is a small poem I've penned on this titled- Celebrate Everyday!

Happiness is meant to be,
With friends and family.

Quality time spent together,
In your personal fabulous retreat.

Every moment of the day and night,
Live your life and celebrate.

With a beautiful home,
Every dream is your's to own!

So what are the things you feel are necessary to celebrate each moment?

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