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An Outcast Girl's Dream

Hi Everyone!
It's been after a fairly long hiatus that I've taken to posting again. It's not a poem I'd like to share but something different I've tried. A short story, more flash fiction on manual scavenging. An issue that still plagues our country despite being outlawed years ago.  
My short story on this issue has just been published by this wonderful website
 I would love to hear what your thoughts are about this. Please do share your feedback on the website link mentioned above. Your encouragement and comments are my source of strength and my motivation to keep writing. Thank you so much in advance and hope this story touched your heart.

Best Wishes,
And a big thank you for all your love and support!!!

World elder abuse awareness day (WEAAD)- 15th June 2015

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Flipping through the news channels or the leading dailies one comes across numerous incidents of elder abuse. Old and infirm parents, grandparents are mistreated, neglected and tortured, sometimes even killed. Such chilling incidents seem to be on the rise nowadays. 
The United Nations has designated June 15 as World elder abuse awareness day (WEAAD). This day aims to focus attention to issues of physical, emotional and financial exploitation of elders which is one of the biggest issues facing seniors across the world. As the demographics of the world change toward the senior population of world taking over that of the younger generation in many nations, this issue merits serious consideration and the development of elder friendly policies worldwide.

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In India elder abuse was not much of a concern earlier because of the joint family system where elders were respected, taken great care of and a support system existed. However with nuclear families, changing val…

Fight pimples the natural way

Walking into a cosmetic store or even the beauty section of any major hyper-mart or your favorite multi-brand retailor can be a nightmare for some. The staff at every brand counter is sure to hound you like a pack of wolves and make you feel that your skin is really the worst in the world. They will hail the virtues of the brands they represent without any knowledge of the chemicals that lace it or the harmful side effects that follow with long term use. 
So what is your preferable best bet to a healthy, radiant skin without really burning a hole in your pocket?  Natural alternatives and skin care remedies have been around for time immemorial. Grandmother’s formulae or “Nuskey”, beauty tips that have held their strength for countless generations are something everyone should swear by. There is really no substitute for natural remedies and this is a fact that all mother’s and grandmother’s will attest to.
Here is a quick recap of a few natural home remedies for radiant, glowing skin …

A love song

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An innocent heart Naive and pure Longs for loves Eternal glow
To be held With tenderness And cherished With passions warmth
Throwing caution To the winds Begins a journey Of trust
Believing it has Found the one A dance of bliss Rosy countenance
Frenzied beating Texting, meeting A haze of pink Surrounds everything
Very slowly  Reality dawns The precious heart Is pierced with thorns
Thorns of doubt Ego's might Reckless words And nothings right
The melody sours Leaving behind Shattered dreams A flood of tears

#YouMakeMeWIN! - Nominating a fellow blogger, esteemed author for Blogadda WIN 15

There are many times in our lives when chance conversations lead  to something greater and usher in a new path, wonderful beginnings, oftentimes when you were least expecting such a pleasant surprise. Such was my chance conversation with author and avid blogger Chandrika Shubhamwhich led me to start my journey of awakening my inner self through meditative bliss.
It is this wonderful lady, the author of three books on very deep, philosophical subjects namely; ‘Japa Mediation- The easiest way to calm the mind’, ‘Simple Vastu’ and ‘Saral Vastu’ that I would like to nominate for the #YouMakeMeWin; the activity hosted by Blogadda to nominate for the annual blogger awards. You can check out her blog at Chandrika Shubham : A reserved chit-chatter
I’d like use this opportunity to talk about Chandrika’s latest book on ‘Japa Meditation- The easiest way to calm the mind’. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, freedom from stress and living a happy life seem to be a Utopian dream. The challenges to fin…