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Chanting Bards International Poetry Anthology for Children

I am very pleased to have my poem titled "Shapes are Fun" published in this amazing anthology of poems for children to encourage them to recite and develop in them an appreciation of poetry. 
I believe poetry and more importantly, recitation of poetry plays a vital role in the various aspects of a child's literacy development. Children learn new words, gain confidence when they practice recitation in front of an audience thus helping shy children do away with their reservations. It also helps children with memorisation and aids in a child's self expression. It also aids in the emotional and physical development of children. 
This book has beautiful poems with thought provoking illustrations.  The brains behind this, Mr. Gopakumar Radhakrishnan encourages you to submit the video recording of your child's recitation to them (details in the book) and they will work at  promoting those videos on their social media pages to encourage the love for poetry among childre…