Fight pimples the natural way

Walking into a cosmetic store or even the beauty section of any major hyper-mart or your favorite multi-brand retailor can be a nightmare for some. The staff at every brand counter is sure to hound you like a pack of wolves and make you feel that your skin is really the worst in the world. They will hail the virtues of the brands they represent without any knowledge of the chemicals that lace it or the harmful side effects that follow with long term use. 

So what is your preferable best bet to a healthy, radiant skin without really burning a hole in your pocket?  Natural alternatives and skin care remedies have been around for time immemorial. Grandmother’s formulae or “Nuskey”, beauty tips that have held their strength for countless generations are something everyone should swear by. There is really no substitute for natural remedies and this is a fact that all mother’s and grandmother’s will attest to.

Here is a quick recap of a few natural home remedies for radiant, glowing skin and freedom from acne all passed down from generation to generation which I’m sure most of us would have observed our mother’s and grandmother’s use with great success.

Using lemon juice on pimples- Lemon juice is known to be a natural disinfectant, know to fight bacteria. Applying it on the skin can rid it of bacteria. The only precaution to follow while using it is not leaving it on your skin when you step out into the sun as it is known to have bleaching effect on the skin.

Honey for great looking skin- Honey is also known for its anti-bacterial properties. Though applying honey on your skin could have adverse reactions in some cases. It is best to do a patch test before you go the whole way.

Turmeric to your rescue- Remember the yellow looking spice available in every Indian kitchen. Its uses are manifold. From being a soothing remedy for all pains with its natural pain killer properties it is also known as a very effective natural remedy for all acne related woes. Mixing some turmeric with coconut oil and applying on the skin is known to work wonders. Albeit keeping overnight could lead to yellow stains that are oftentimes difficult to get rid of.

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In this fast paced world not all of us have the luxury of time to try out natural remedies at home. 
A quick fix solution to this problem is products made from natural ingredients.
 In India, the brand Vicco is a household name and a synonym for natural products.

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VICCO Turmeric Cream cover
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The Vicco legacy is something that many of us can attest to as for time immemorial it was one of the only natural based brands available.

In keeping with the changing times, Vicco has launched its latest product "VICCO Turmeric Cream" which is a great natural way to fight daily skin problems suffered by most women. 

With this latest offering, Vicco promises to help you say goodbye to oily skin, pimples and blackheads with its turmeric based foaming face wash.  

You can visit their website here for more product details and view the latest video commercial below. 

Look fabulous the healthy way with Vicco Turmeric Cream!!! 


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