Dreams, Seasons and Promises

Manohar Devadoss is truly one of the greatest people I've ever had the fortune to interact with and learn from. This poem titled Dreams, Seasons and Promises depicts my thoughts and feelings after reading his poignant book of the same name illustrated with his photographs and art .This is an ode to his courage and fortitude. I am truly inspired by him. 

What adds the magical spark to life’s every memory?
And turns them into cherished melodies

Hope that makes one nurture a dream,
Changing seasons like the course of a stream.

Like the magical Oberlin days,
Simply wondrous in so many ways

Camping out in the wild west,
Some of the best memories in your treasure chest

Anyone can make hay in the sun,
But true magic lies in braving all odds and emerging the one.

It is both of your courage and courage alone,
That turned every darkness into a new light and shone.

The promise of togetherness,
Through each and every crisis

You are truly persons of all seasons,
Who can make the world smile where others see no reason.

Dreams are like mirrors into our souls,
When snatched it takes forever to become whole.

Some came true, some shattered,
Yet you triumphed all odds, never once battered.

My dreams did not come true too,
But to chase new ones and to make the best of everything that comes I am inspired by you.


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