Crash the Pepsi IPL-My top 5 ads

Crashing the Pepsi IPL has brought some fun advertisements created by Indian television viewers in order to have their own advertisements if selected by the jury as winners to be displayed on television.

I went to crash the Pepsi IPL gallery and had a great laugh and an entertaining time looking at why the nation loves its Pepsi and cannot do without it.

Here is the list of top 5 ads that I found worthy of adding to my Pepsi IPL Hitlist because they hit my funny bone, were crazy and some of them were totally whacky. So bring your hands together for the best ads in my opinion.

The first one on my hit list is the Selective hearing ad created by Pranav Bhasin. This ad is really cute. In a nation where Pranks and fun time is a mainstay, this ad really resonates with the Pepsi loving audience. If you love all things P, in this case Pranks & Pepsi then this one is for you. 

Are you a foodie? Love all the cuisines that our diverse country has to offer? Then this second one is for you. Created by Nikita Deshpandey, this ad titled- Served is certainly the most moth watering ad I have seen to crash the Pepsi IPL. No wonder this is a winner already.  So if you want to give your taste buds a visual treat, then head here to catch the action with food and your favorite drink.

When we are talking about food, another wonderful ad that celebrates the diversity of food in our nation but also showcases our love for Pepsi – the uniting force no matter where we hail from is the Rajma- Upma ad. So whether you love Rajma or Upma, the drink everyone bonds over is Pepsi. Catch the action in this wonderful ad here.

As an Indian whenever we travel to get rid of our tiredness and have some fun, we all look for great food. Sometimes even though we get a whole list of options, we’d rather stick to our known best and have a fabulous time with friends with our trusted best choice- Pepsi. Have you ever experienced such a moment? If so, relive it with this sweet 

The final ad on my list of must watch crazy and weird ads for the Pepsi IPL is the Pepsi Burrp ad uploaded by Karan Sagar. Men and women and TV woes. When women hog the remote this IPL season, what do the men do to get it back? Watch this ad to get ideas to crash the Pepsi IPL if you want to have the TV to yourself this IPL season.

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