Delhi #madeofgreat

The old adage- The home is where the heart is holds true for each of us when it comes to talk about your most loved city in any respect. When asked about my most loved city, Delhi- the capital of our country, where my family has been based for most of our lives would surely be on the top of the list.

While every city has its low points and its great features, Delhi’s drive, design and connect are unique in many ways and it is truly a city made of great #madeofgreat just like the Tata motor’s campaign

Connect is something that epitomizes Delhi. Whether it’s the fact that Delhi is a melting pot of cultures with people from all over the country and the world have made this city their home and swear by it despite its shortcomings. The capital city connects with its inhabitants in multiple ways. With a history so rich and steep spanning centuries this is something that really proves that Delhi is really #madeofgreat. Delhi with its many amazing facets manages to charm and establishes a deep connect and with anyone who has ever passed or walked in the by lanes of this city.

Delhi is home to some of the greatest marvels in terms of architecture and design around the world. With a host of monuments, steeped in rich history and design par excellence, Delhi has loads to boast about. One can go on and on about Delhi’s heritage monuments that have been declared by UNESCO as world heritage sites whether it is the Qutub Minar- the world’s tallest, free standing brick minaret or the glorious red fort from which the Prime Minister addresses the nation on Independence Day each year. My personal favorite in terms is the Lotus temple, its Lotus shaped petals when lit up during the night make an awe inspiring picture.
Delhi’s most distinctive aspect is the drive of the multitude of people inhabiting this city. The drive to do something different, to excel and give back to the city more than it has given them is what fuels the lives of some of its celebrated citizens. Some of the people who had their roots in Delhi and reached greats heights due to their unquie drive and will to succeed are author Chetan Bhagat and the late Khushwant Singh. Delhi was also once home to celebrated celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Nandita Das and sports persons like Virat Kohli and Virender Sehwag. Delhi was also once the home of prolific poets of ancient times like Amir Khusro and Mirza Ghalib.   

All in all the capital city of India Delhi my favorite city boasts of incomparable drive, design and connect and is truly made of great.


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