DIY Handmade cards for any occasion: Creative Quilling

Creative Quilling

DIY Handmade cards for any occasion

This holiday season I've taken up a new hobby, something I'd always wanted to try and wondered if I'd be successful at. I'm a fan of designing unique things to add on to gifts to give that special personal touch to whatever you choose to gift any time of the season. 

A personal handmade item goes a long way considering the time, creativity and effort it takes to make one of these speaks for itself about your feelings towards the recipient of this gift.

How to go about this? Well it's fairly simple! All you need is a DIY quilling kit available readily at any stationary or toy store. 

My dear brother played Santa and on Christmas day and bought me a basic creative quilling kit for Christmas which I had a blast with.

All you need to do is just twirl colorful paper strips into whatever shapes your heart desires and voila you have a unique way to give a special message for any occasion.


Photograph © Vyomi Malik

You can start with simple shapes like this flower or peacock that I tried. 

This is sure to bring a smile on someones face.  It's even a great way to keep young children occupied through the holiday season and help them explore their creative side.
Hope you too will enjoy this great idea and have fun doing something new. 

I wish it was humanly possible for me to make one of these for each and every one of you who have been constantly reading my blog as a small thank you gesture for your support and love which keeps me going each day. Here is a Haiku to wish you a blissful year ahead!

Hued strips of paper
Twirled with love and best wishes
Year of bliss ahead

Poem © Vyomi Malik


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