Write Over the Weekend (WOW)- ‘ It’s A Family Tradition’

Neha and her bother Mohan were busy in their kitchen helping their mother. The huge oak twelve seater dining table in the kitchen, was covered with unwrapped presents, stockings, small cookie boxes, colorful cupcakes and sheets of wrapping paper. From time to time, Neha looked out of the window to watch the neighbor's children building a snowman in their garden.  The snow had fallen last night and had covered everything in sight with a soft white carpet. Tiny festive lights, big bright stars a top huge Christmas trees sparkled from every house in their tourist hill town located on the foot hills of the Himalayas.

“Mum can we go and play with Simran and Rohan please”, Neha asked excited getting up and leaving the presents she was wrapping.  “Oh Beta! Only a few hours are left for the Christmas Eve party. There is so much work to do. I really need both of you to help me” smiled Mum. While Neha wrapped each present carefully, her brother Mohan stuffed it into a stocking. Then Mum placed a cookie box filled with her yummy handmade star shaped chocolate cookies in the stocking. The final bit was placing a colorful cupcake in a tiny box into the stocking.

After an hour all the fifty stockings were ready with presents. “Carry them into the drawing room and place them around the Christmas tree my lovely kids”, said Mum kissing both Neha and Mohan on the top of their heads. “Mum, why do have a huge party, wrap so many presents and give them to kids we don’t know?” asked Mohan. “Oh sweet baby Mohan”, beamed Mum picking his tiny five year old frame in her arms. “It’s a family tradition my sweet pumpkin!” Mum said tickling his little tummy. “Each year Papa brings children who live on the street, and don’t have the many things in life like you do to our house for a big Christmas party. You both always get whatever you want don’t you from Santa?” asked Mum. “Yes we do. I don’t even have to ask him. How does he always already know Mum!” smiled Neha.

“Well, because both of you are such adorable angels. Each year you help us have such a great party and give so much happiness to those children”, said Mum hugging both Neha and Mohan. “Run along now. Arrange the stockings while I get the food ready. Daddy will be here any minute with the children” Mum said blowing kisses at her two darlings. Both Neha and Mohan arranged the presents in five rows in front of the huge Christmas tree with big smiles on their faces.

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