Cakes, Cookies & Wine...

Cakes, Cookies and Wine
Make this festive season divine!
But amidst all the merriment, do we stop to think about our waistlines?

This is not to put a dampener in your festive cheer
Or me pretending to be a seer

But just something to make you stop and think
Before you embark on an uncontrolled binge

A huge slice of Mama's homemade rich plum cake
How many calories in that one intake?

300 to 400 I'd say would be the range
To wolf down more than one slice now are you game?

The pretty frosted cookies that we munch on with so much glee
In just one, 200 would be the minimum calories

And oh what about a decadent glass of red wine?
25 calories per ounce, and you thought drinking a whole bottle was calorie free and totally fine!

You can merrily do all of the above
If you action your plan for burning the extra energy does not collapse like a house of cards when shoved!

You'll say- Go away I'm only feasting for this one day
Who cares as tomorrow I vow not to be led astray!

It's little indulgences like these
When controlled and in proportion you can do as you please

So watch what you eat
Or you'll have to exercise like a freak
To burn all the extra fatty treats
So much for me ruining your feast!

Merry X-mas my calorie conscious friends!

Welcome to my world where I count the calories in absolutely everything!!

Keep visiting this space as I take you on a journey to raise awareness about the calorie count in our most favorite foods

Comments, sugesstions most welcome. Please leave your valuable feedback!

From the desk of (Kalorie Konscious & Kounting) KK&K

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  1. Oh My god..I lost 100 calories while reading this...i shud go n hv a 4 pint of wine now ..hehehe...just kidding.
    Happy new year in advance Vyomi...Very nicely written :).



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