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Book Review- Stolen hope – Part 3 of series ‘Ramayana- The game of life’

Book: Stolen hope – Part 3 of series ‘Ramayana- The game of life’

Author:  Shubha Vilas

Genre: Mythology, Spirituality, Leadership

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw BlogAdda was giving bloggers a chance to review Shubha Vilas’s latest book- Stolen Hope. The third part in his series on the great epic Ramayana called the game of life. The book arrived last week and when I opened the packaging, I was in for a real treat- an author signed copy with a small note wishing the reader an enlightened new year. I couldn’t have asked for a greater book to start my reading in the New Year, nor a more heart touching message! It felt, as if in that instant, I was being showered with blessings from the author himself- a great motivational speaker and spiritual seeker.

(Personal note from the author)

A little bit of a background for those who’ve not had the opportunity to read the first two parts- the first (Rise of the Sun Prince) part tells the tale of the rise of the sun prince and ends at the joyful marriage of Rama with Sita. In the second part (Shattered Dreams) twelve years have passed since this joyous occasion and it takes us through Ayodhya’s exuberant happiness at the announcement of Rama’s crowning followed by the immense grief of his exile and is a poignant depiction of the transformation of Ayodhya from miracle city to the city of all miseries when Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana proceed deep into the forests for 14 years shattering the dreams of the whole Kingdom of Ayodhya.

Now coming to the latest book- Stolen Hope which is the third part of this totally mesmerizing series and is a fabulous way to incorporate the lessons of the great epic Ramayana in our day to day lives. This book primarily tells the tale of the difficult times the trio face in the evil labyrinths of the Dandakaranya forest where danger lurks in every corner.

Here all human values are put to the toughest test and as the story unravels it brings to the reader all aspects of human life which we face day in and day out in the modern day world. Struggle, insult, deception, acclaim and last but not the least, a glimmer of hope are the myriad emotions all of us encounter in our daily lives which is the same case with the exiled trio in the devious and dangerous forest.

The authors’ depiction of the test of human values and the thought provoking lessons this book is interspersed with make for a fabulous philosopher and guide through trying times in life. The sort of environment we live in and the fast pace of life sometimes lead us to make inappropriate choices that might impact our lives in great ways and could in some cases lead us astray. 

In my personal opinion this book and the whole series is a great tool for any person to survive and excel through the travails of the corporate jungle. Stress and pressure from every corner is only increasing in everyday life. For the best lessons, to not just survive but thrive and emerge successful in all our endeavours it is a must for us to go back to our roots and learn from the lessons this great epic has to offer. With the current state the world is in it feels as if all hope has been stolen from the planet we live in. To fortify oneself with the right attitude and clarity in thinking as well as a focused direction, this series can become your guiding light.

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