Alone- A poem on loneliness

She sat still like made of stone
On a bench in the park
Dusk’s morose fingers
Blanketing her countenance

Her face she would not lift
To hide a stream of silent tears
An ocean of misery
Emanating from her soul

Countless thoughts tormented
Her mind every second
As blank eyes stared
Deep into nothingness

Mom had gone this year
Dad the year before last
Leaving her to cope
With the ravages of the past

No roof to shelter her head
As even taking away their home
Was not enough to satiate
The greedy belly of the banks

Hunger her constant companion
Fear a permanent resident of
Every atom of her being
Cornered by emptiness outside and within

No loving arms to run into
No one to hide behind
Not a shoulder to lean on
At life’s most difficult bend

Just her and the darkness
Entwined in grief
Hoping endlessly for
The miracle of light

Poem © Vyomi Malik


  1. its beautiful sweetheart.. and I am so happy to see you use the power of your pen again... lots of love :-) and keep smiling!!

    1. Thank you so much sweets, I'm so happy to be back!! Missed all of you like anything!!!!

  2. You have bring out the anguish .so well Vyomi .... touching

    1. Thank you so much Kokila, your words of encouragement always inspire me to push my writing envelope!!! Thanks ever so much dearest!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Vyomi:) Loved it:)

  4. Loved the ending "Hoping endlessly for
    The miracle of light" :)


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