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Stay fit and feel young the honey way!!!

Dieting and the way to fitness is one topic that everyone feels they are qualified to give your their two cents on. The overweight neighborhood has been there done that aunty, to the gawky teenage girls who seem to be high on anorexia; everyone has a word of advice. If you’ve been brave to heed to their so called tips you would notice that with such passing fads there is only one thing that’s guaranteed- disappointment. While initially you might be able to keep of the kilos as you crash diet or swing from one latest diet to the other, you are sure to find the weight piling back as none of this is really sustainable in the long run.

A crash diet or any diet based on only certain food groups without meeting proper nutritional guidelines is a sure shot way to landing yourself into a health disaster and deficiencies.  And if you’re just relying on dieting without any exercise then that’s even more foolish and unsustainable. A healthy, balanced diet along with regular exercise both are needed to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Now an ideal diet must be based on correct nutritional choices. One of the most important things we all fail to take into account is the amount of unnecessary calories all of us consume during the day in the form of sugar. Whether it’s your morning cereal, cups of tea and coffee throughout the day, desserts, sweet dishes, milkshakes and even most of the processed food we consume. Everything is loaded with sugar and deadly calories that creep in without us really knowing about them.  

This is really a worrying aspect for every individual. The question now arises about countering the problem and a healthier alternative which doesn’t mean giving up your inclination for a sweet tooth altogether. Thanks to Dabur and their latest diet- “The honey diet” based on the benefits of honey all of us can but all our weight woes to rest.  So why a diet is based on honey such a godsend in the first place?

Dabur Honey cover

Well honey should be your permanent best friend because starting your morning with a spoon full of honey, lemon and warm water has been the age old formula known as a sure shot natural way to keep the weight away. It’s also a great natural substitute for the white sweet stuff as it contains lesser calories and boasts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost your health. It also is a natural source of energy with easily digestible carbohydrates and is known to aid in the digestive process. It’s the best natural remedy for cold and cough and    a great way to moisturize your skin for a natural radiant glow.

Dabur has partnered with my all time favorite Chef; the super hot, drool worthy Vikas Khanna  for innovative honey recipes to help you stay fit and young and shed those kilos. So if you have such a great combination; Dabur Honey and Vikas Khanna’s recipes then your dream goal of being super fit is not a dream anymore but an achievable reality!!!

Chef Vikas KhannaChef Vikas Khanna Recipe

So log on to Darbur's website and partake in the joys of being super fit with the latest honey diet.

For a diet rich in honey,
Is your sure shot way to staying healthy!!!


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