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Top 5 things to keep a baby’s skin safe, smooth and protected

Your precious bundle of joy
Tiny fingers and little toes
Skin that’s super soft
And needs premium care
Here are five tops tips
To keep your infant’s skin smooth and protected

The very sight of a baby draws ‘Oooh’s and Aahh’s’ from everyone. You just want to cuddle the little one and revel in the smoothness of its super soft skin.  It’s no wonder that all advertisements for moisturizing creams for adults claim to give you ‘Baby smooth skin’. This is the very reason that an infant’s skin requires ultimate protection and care.  The harsh sun and polluted environment that we live in is sure to take their toll on your little one’s ultra-sensitive skin.  So what are the five most common skin problems that all babies face at some point and what are the best ways to deal with them and keep you angel’s skin super soft?

  1. The devil called ‘Diaper Rash’- This is one skin problem that every baby faces no matter how much you try to avoid it. The diaper area being warm and moist is most prone to breakout, hence being a bane for tiny, tender backsides. This utmost sensitive area requires premium care to protect your baby from the ‘Diaper Rash Devil’.  The best way to protect your little angel and free it from the perils of this devil forever is by enlisting the help of  your baby’s protector; ‘Pampers- Premium care pants’- the best way to avoid this troublesome monster that makes your baby cry and pamper your babies skin. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.
  2. The pokey irritant- ‘Prickly Heat’- The tiny red bumps that appear on the face, neck, back or bottom of your precious darling are a serious irritant poking their prickly head into your babies happiness. Since a baby’s skin is not able to regulate heat efficiently, this irritant is very common if your little one is even slightly overheated. Hot and humid weather or bundling up for a long period of time can leave its mark with little red bumps. The best way to soothe this irritant is to get your baby out of the heat and dress him/her in cool and loose fitting clothes.
  3. Crawler’s knees and chapped elbows chipping away that perfect smoothness-  When children begin crawling, the surfaces they come in contact with, are bound to have an impact on their ultra-sensitive skin. Knees and elbows become rough and chapped from constant crawling and make your baby’s skin coarse.  The best way to address this dryness is to use a mild moisturiser or one of the many mild baby creams available today to restore the little one’s smooth skin.
  4. The detergent bane- Sometimes the detergent used for washing a baby’s clothes can leave a residue and irritate a baby’s skin causing it to break out in an annoying rash. The best way is to use a detergent that is child friendly and leaves no residue. Also make sure to wash new clothes before you make your baby wear them.
  5. ‘Basking in the sun’- One of the first thoughts that would occur to you would be to lather on the sunscreen if you are taking your infant out in the sun. That is something that the doctors would not call a good idea. All sunscreens are full of chemicals and for very small babies this is an absolute no- no. The sensible option would be to use protective clothing and keep your little one in the shade.


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