Monsoon ramblings

Do you consider the months of incessant rain
A very big pain
Does the roaring thunder
Make your life go asunder

Or are you one of those
Who wait for the downpours next dose?
Just one look at an overcast sky
To some brings immense joy

The most awaited season
That makes you want to celebrate without any reason
Does the onset of the monsoon
Make your heart sing a different tune

Though riddled with uncertainty
Yet reasons for its importance can be found aplenty
Will it flood and endlessly pour
Or will the spectre of drought be knocking at our door?

While the met makes predictions
The Rain Gods point in other directions                
So you’re more often than not caught unaware
Don’t despair some days in life are always unfair

My constant companion, my umbrella
He’s a jolly good fellah!!!
Protecting me from the wet
This season’s most prized asset

Spotting a rainbow
Makes your soul seem to glow
You instantly smile
And feel life’s worthwhile

The colours of the VIBGYOR
Never seem to loose allure
And all impure gets washed away in their lure
Everything seems to fades in its grandeur

As everything looks washed and clean
The earth wears a cover of green   
We hope you enjoy the rains
And may the best be ordained


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