Summers fun with Lakme and Kyra...

Hi all, thank you for choosing to visit my page and read my poem. Your thoughts mean a lot to me.This poem is for the Lakme Diva blogger contest 2012. It talks about how Lakme and the lakme sunshine girl Kyra changed my life forever! 
Happy reading and have a blast this summer!

I used to shudder
When I thought about the onset of summer
Oh the oppressive heat
Beating it is no mean feat

I'd stay indoors
And venture out only when the sun had gone to snore
I looked on enviously
At other women braving the heat so coolly

How could they not care
About the damage the sun did not only to their skin but also hair?
Did they know about something sun-care?
Of which I was unaware!

I wished someone would guide me
Wave A magic wand and dispel everything gloomy!
I longed to lounge in the sun
And have loads of fun

I wanted to be able to see exotic locations
Without being bothered by skin ministrations
Spend hours at the beach
Playing volley ball and surfing till the sunsets within reach

My longing for radiant untanned skin
Had me wound uptight like a pin
Then one fortunate day
I chanced upon Kyra in May

At a common friends summer bash
I met Kyra and learnt about her lakme stash
While I was covered in layers of clothes to shield Me from the sun
She frolicked in a short sleeveless summery dress and said- why don't you loosen up hon?

She is a lakme diva
A sizzling super nova
She told me her lakme story
And transformed my drab summer days to glory

She said to me- " You can banish your sun woes"
"And live happily ever after you know!"
With the new lakme sun protect range
Stepping out in the sun will never feel strange

Sunscreens with multiple SPF and skin type options
Anti sun face wash, gel and masks to soothe your skin post the suns actions
Now you can be completely protected
And from the sun always be shielded

I am so happy
That my dream has come true, never again will I feel that the onset of summer is crappy
Now I can wear shorts
And little frilly frocks
Without any care
Before Lakme sun expert I wouldn't dare

For fear of a tan
Myself from the sun, I no longer ban
Now I step out confidently in the sun
Kyra and me? We're best friends- thank you Lakme for I'm a big fan

Kyra and I have decided to live it up this Indian summer
We're going to hit the beach and jive to the latest numbers
There is lots on our agenda
From water sports and river rafting, to just chilling with something Thanda!

Para sailing and deep sea diving, Oh so much fun!!!
Lazing in the sun just by loafing around like beach bums
We've parties planned with the summer as the theme
If you want to join us visit this link as our event is gathering steam!

That's not all
Is summer ever complete without biking till night falls?
Each of us grabbing a harley
We head toward destinations known rarely!
Checking out boys
Are there any better toys?

A cruise on a ship
And in the night we'll play with the casinos chips
So much to do and so little time
The Lakme sun expert range is worth every dime

You can join the gang of sunshine girls
By using Lakme the summer sun will pass you by in a whirl
The choice is yours, so what will you do ?
Are you willing to try something new?
Join us to have a summer blast?
Coz hiding from the sun for us sunshine girls is past!!!


  1. nice one.. all the best for the contest..

  2. Thanks for visiting , nice to see you here

  3. Awesome poem Vyomi....Very nicely articulated

  4. Wow!....great poem..I like it

    1. Hi Akanksha, thanks for visiting! Really glad you liked my poem! Hope to see you here more


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