Weekend inertia

Aah come the much awaited weekend
And what do we typically do?
Fritter it away
Like there was no other care!

A hectic week, followed by a lethargic weekend
Can never fathom where it went
Time just seemed to zip by
Nothing could I do about it but simply sigh

While I sat motionless rooted to the spot
I was cast away from my lot
Did not feel like completing my weekend chores
Wished someone would lift me out of my woes

I felt to tired even to relax
Sleep was elusive and kept me feeling taxed
Switching on the tv made my head hurt
I kept on wondering why my weekend was cursed

Just two days in a week do we get to unwind
Then why must I feel as if I'm in a bind?
Why can't I have some fun and let things go
For once let my hair down and polish my toes

Why does the weekend finish
Before it even began
Why do I feel like a sardine stuffed in a can
Will someone point me out of this misery? Please man!

This never-ending inertia will drive me insane
I've tried everything to cure this lethargy but in vain
Two days have passed and I've done nothing but crib and cry
It's just been no use how much ever I tried

Sometimes we just need to get away from everything
That's when staying still and motionless helps more than anything
When you truly crave inner peace
Spending time reflecting is something you can do in the least

Hope this lethargic monster
Will go away yonder
Never to return and make my blood burn
So that I can enjoy my weekend by being active at each turn.


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