My metamorphosis into a bun maska...

My heart leaped with elation
When I read- Cafeteria announces the launch of a bun maska station   
Now I could have my favourite snack
Any time round the clock without holding back

Long winding lines at the chaiwala
Seemed to attest that I was not the only one who thought so
So light and fluffy, melt in the mouth! Is one ever enough? Umm no!  
Can be gobbled up in a jiffy
No mess, a time save, really quick and spiffy 
Not one but  four versions to choose from
Eat to your hearts content without any qualm    
Bun with butter, extra cheese, and if you have a sweet tooth, there's jam 
Accompanied with a hot cup of  sweet tea,  Anything better can there be?  

 Then one night in my dream
Appeared  my super  thin calorie conscious friend who  thinks she's  supreme  
I was as usual gobbling away to glory
When  she began to bore me with  her  calorie story

  150 calories in a plain bun
 A spoon/  cube of butter only another 100 
Making a normal one 250 cal 
An irresistible slice of cheese approximately 70 more
Want to add some jam only 50 kal
So 350 plus for the one with cheese and a little under 400 for a sweet treat

I started at her like she was muttering in Greek
But she looked at me as if I was a freak
How many do you average she shrieked? 
2 a day that would mean umm ten a week!

I'm sure you execrsise
Fingers flying on the keyboard! I cried
Don't you see the know the pitfalls
Of your nutritionally deficient choices? Do you even care what will happen to you in the long haul?  

Go away I say- I'm someone you cannot scare!  
With that she vanished into thin air
I tried to sleep but woke up with a start
And what I see makes all good sense depart  

I'm no longer me but have been converted into a  life-size bun!
I try to get up but am unable to balance, I hear someone laughingly say- look at you Hun!
I look around and spot my slvette friend
Who sports the avatar of the slender salad counter  brown bread   

How did I get so fat and how come you're so thin? 
She just smiled and skipped around while I'm unable to move except sport a frown 
Someone please wake me up and spare me this torture
I'll give anything to change this gruesome picture!
But nothing I do seems to help
I'm stuck in this frame  and all I can do is yelp  


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