Work life balance

Striking the right work life balance...
A real test of patience?
A slippery tightrope walk...
That makes even the best people balk!

Juggling work and family
While trying to live life wisely
Giving your best to both worlds
Without making your head swirl

 So how do you manage the role of a manager
Along with playing Daddy & Mommy
 Giving time not just to work
But friends, family, community, self and spirit, without being irked

So many suggestions
Can answer your questions
But it’s solely in your hands to make things happen
And be a WLB champion

Welcome to the world of today
Where telecommuting and work flexibility
Is no longer a perk but a necessity

For some it’s about working smarter
And not necessarily harder
But loving what you do,
Will always keep away the blues

Busting stress frequently
Will certainly fireyour energy
Engaging in your hobbies
Is sure to soothe all furies

There is a time to work
And a time to leave work behind
So now is the time to take an oath
And promise yourself that you’ll find time for both...


  1. your poems are amazingly cheerful. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for reading. Glad you found them cheerful! Keep visiting.


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