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5 tips for smoothest baby skin!!! #SoftestForBabySkin

Can anything be…
Soft as gossamer,
Light as a feather,
Smoother than silk?
Your babies skin…
Even softer than your angels touch?
Try Pamper’s premium care pants
Redefine softness!

The other day I was reading an article which said that a baby’s skin is three times thinner than an adult’s skin and loses moisture much more rapidly.  I was really surprised as haven’t we all experienced the magic of a babies skin. Wouldn’t that mean that a baby’s skin would require much more care to keep it soft and smooth unlike an adults? Yes that’s absolutely true.  Here are top five tips new parents must take into account to keep their babies skin soft and smooth as ever.

  1. ‘Bath time’- Almost everyone in the world is very particular about cleanliness. Hygiene obsessed parents must realise that spending too much time in a bath or in too much soapy water is actually not good for infant skin. The water and soap tend to cause the baby’s skin to dry up as bathing not just removes grime but natural oils too.  
  2. ‘Moisturising is the key ’- We’ve already said that a baby’s skin tends to lose much more moisture than adult skin. If infant skin is left un-moisturised it could make your little one uncomfortable because of constant itching on the skin.  Apply a moisturiser immediately after a bath. If a store child friendly one isn’t doing the work it should do then it could be time to consult a doctor.
  3. ‘The devil is in the Diaper’- Well the devil will truly be in the diaper if you don’t take care to select the right one. A wrong one or an uncomfortable diaper is going to make your baby super cranky. That’s surely something you don’t want at any cost isn’t it. So what is the solution? Getting a diaper that’s softer than the softest baby bottom! Unbelievable?  But it’s true! Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.  Don’t believe me? Well what the new pampers video here and see for yourself! 
  4. ‘Cover those nails’- It can be daunting for parents to think of clipping their little ones nails. Yet nails pose a major risk to soft baby skin as babies tend to scratch themselves. So what is the best solution? Using mittens or gloves to protect your little one from scratching episodes is your best bet                                                                                                         
  5. ‘Bundling them up’- Nowadays with the increasing amount of pollution it’s not advisable for babies to be taken out and exposed to the environment without bundling them up properly. When a baby is covered properly in protective clothing that is wrapped in a cocoon then the elements will not harm them. So keep them covered in comfortable clothing depending upon the weather. The less exposed to dust and pollution they are, the lesser the harmful effect on their skin.


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