#My Airtel App- 3 features that map with my lifestyle

The latest Airtel app,
With offers that will make your foot tap.

Now you can dance with joy,
With seamless integration, a great user experience is your's to enjoy!

The app sphere is abuzz with every company wanting to create a unique offering for smart phone users. Moving clicks and convince to the touch of a smart phone with a seamless and easy to use interface has become the top priority to capture market share. All online players worth their muscle are investing in building up offerings on the Android and iOS platform. With smart phones being the medium of choice to access the internet and India slated to be the second largest smart phone market according to studies by, Cisco how can telecom majors be left behind? 

#MyAirtelApp is the latest offering by Airtel to offer the convenience of all its services to mobile subscribers. It was just yesterday that my father forwarded me all the relevant numbers for checking various features of my account. It was such a cumbersome process. Dial #121 for this and something else for that, very annoying. Then, luckily I heard about MyAirtelApp and downloaded it to see what the fuss was all about. Boy, did I come away impressed! Here are three key features about the app that fit in perfectly with today’s fast paced lifestyle.

First is the convenience of having all the information related to your Airtel account, at the swipe of your fingertips. I always have trouble logging in to the website and keeping track of how much data I've consumed, physical bills and payment dates. In this app, clicking on the MY BILL option shows your current dues, bill date, and un-billed usage pertaining to the current cycle.

MY BILL which allows you to view- pay history, bill summary, email your bill and bill plan

PAY HISTORY at the bottom instantly pulls out a track record of your past payments. A really great way to keep track of past payments!  No more screenshots of bills paid cluttering my desktop! With BILL SUMMARY I can view the history of past and current bills, and email them to myself if needed with the EMAIL BILL option.  The BILL PLAN will allow me to view my current plan, although being a Myplan subscriber; this is not currently available to me. MY DATA has a meter which shows the bytes consumed and also allows for buying GB’s if short. 

MY DATA- View data consumption on the go

You can also manage all Airtel services and view service requests logged to your number with this app. All these features are a great time saver and I no longer have to use my PC to access account information and pay bills. It’s really a need of the hour for the fast paced world we live in.

Second is being able to recharge any Airtel number from this app itself, just by entering a few things like the number and amount. Earlier recharging meant logging into your desktop or laptop since most websites are not mobile responsive and using them on your phone means scrolling and zooming in, which is very frustrating. Now, thanks to this app, I can recharge any Airtel number with just a few clicks, hassle free! That’s not all. This app also allows me to access all my Airtel accounts whether fixed, broadband, DTH, mobile (pre-paid and post-paid), multiple numbers, all at one place. This is another very convenient feature.

Manage all Airtel products at one place
Last but certainly not the least is the new way to get exclusive offers on your Airtel number- shaking your phone. The latest advertisement for this really cool feature is really cute. View it on YouTube here.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app and dance your way to great offers and a seamless experience with your Airtel connection!


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