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Haiga- Weather beaten

Wilting sunflower
Beaten by harsh summer sun
Parched, wishes for rain

Devoid of wonder
In memory of times gone
Shriveled and bereft 

Feeling a bit low today hence the sad tone of words today...
Images are of the flowers in my garden.

I am eternally grateful to Chèvrefeuille for the daily Haiku prompts at 


  1. Very nice - the concepts are wonderful. I have touches of difficulty assuming a flower ''wishes'' but that is me, and possible. I think would look more lovely without 2nd haiku repeated under the picture

    1. A part of me believes that flowers too have feelings. But I guess its me being silly :-) :-).
      Thank you for the feedback on the second one. And by the way your Haiga on tumblr for this prompt was out of this world. I simply loved it. I'm still making my way through tumblr and don't know how to comment :-( :-(

  2. I do believe flowers are like children in our homes, we need to talk to them,nurture them like friends who will whither if we do not do the same. Your last haiku dredges up memories of loved ones passed...very well written as your two haiku resonate.

    1. Aww...that's so sweet and an amazing thought Cheryl! Thank you ever so much! Love having you here with your kind, beautiful words!

  3. Two beautiful haiku Vyomi .... I like them both, nice imagery ...Your photos are awesome

    1. Thank you ever so much!!! Did you manage to read my Haiku on Purity? I'd dedicated it to you. Hope you like it!!!

  4. A sad note to see the flowers wilt for lake of water. You have conveyed strong images.

    1. I know, but in the harsh summer afternoon sun all flowers seem to wilt even with daily watering. :-( :-(


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