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The story of the start of my new life #StartaNewLife

The story of the start of my new life #StartaNewLife

Leaving those I love behind,
Moving to a new land.
To chase my dreams,
Embracing the change,
Facing my fears.
Starting a new life,
All over again.

What is the most difficult thing you have done? For most people it would be starting all over again leaving the comfort of home behind. How do you cope with the change of not only a new city, a new home, a new person to live with and also with leaving your loved ones behind? Change is good they say. Sometimes I feel that its only when you look back you can truly appreciate the lessons change teaches you. How it teaches you to face the unknown head on and #StartaNewLife.

I sat in the aircraft writing a list of all the things we would need to buy over the weekend as we moved into our new paying guest accommodation. The destination was Mumbai- The city of dreams. The excitement of starting a new job and moving to a new city took over the sadness I was feeling of leaving my home behind. It was time to be independent and do things for myself. Live my life on my own terms. My happiness knew no bounds. After all what could possibly go wrong? Our accommodation had been booked online.  It was just a matter of settling in. Little did I know how wrong I was and what horrors awaited the both of us.

Once we landed we headed toward our destination. The address of the accommodation we had booked online. What we had seen on the internet turned out to be a far cry from what actually stood in front of us. A seedy locality and strange people all around our so called new home which resembled a small hovel. With no natural sunlight, not even a single window to let fresh air in suffocation gripped us and we ran outside. Two girls in a strange city, with no one we knew and nowhere to go. We were trapped.

What would be our fate? The next possible option was a hotel room but my mother called up a dear friend of her’s who like an angel asked us to rush to her place. We reached her place in tears, grateful for the safety and familiarity of a home away from home. Her hospitality knew no bounds. She pampered us silly and the time we spent with her was memorable. Over the weekend we went house hunting, searching for a proper rented apartment and soon we had found the most wonderful landlords. We moved in with an immense feeling of gratitude for our new home, homeowners and my aunt- the angel who rescued us from our horrible fate of being duped and having nowhere to go in a new city.

I wish had been there then. I'm sure we would have had a smooth run and would not have been duped as we were. 

This is my story for #StartaNewLife

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