The Power of Togetherness #Together

       The Power of Togetherness #Together

When life doesn't seem to go your way,
Sorrow seems to color your days.
How do you get your smile back?
And get your life onto the right track.
Only the togetherness of a cherished one,
Can make you look up and have some fun!

"Oh! no! What next?” I screamed on the top of my lungs. The screen on my laptop danced a scary dance. Alternating between blue, green, pink and black it finally breathed its last. Shutting the lid with a loud thud, I grabbed an umbrella and stormed out if the house.
Nothing seemed to be going right that week. Everything I tried to accomplish didn't work as per plan. Getting through each minute seemed a herculean task. Somehow it was impossible to figure out what was leading to my despondency. All of us have bad days, sometimes even weeks that extended into months. Then why was it becoming impossible to deal with this phase. Was it just the gruesome weather, endless rain lashing the city or an ominous indication of something bigger? Had my optimistic personality taken a u-turn forever?

Frustrated with my depressing thoughts, I jerked my umbrella open. It's my favorite one, black with pink flowers. Gifted by my dearest friend, it had wonderful memories associated with it. Maybe a decadent cup of hot chocolate would soothe my frayed nerves. With that thought in mind I began walking down to the coffee shop around the corner. The street was flooded with water and had caved in. I walked on the footpath, wary of hopping across puddles and dodging cars zipping by. I didn't want to tempt fate you see, but alas my respite was short lived. Woosh! A huge gust of wind overturned my favorite umbrella. As I struggled to bend it back to shape a car whizzed past, its speed spraying muddy water all over me.

Cursing at the driver I stomped my feet, when the car stopped and began to make its way back, toward me.”What is the driver coming back for?” I muttered to myself completely lost ruing over the state of my precious umbrella. “Vyomi, is that you?” I turned to see my long lost best friend. “Priya!”, “What are you doing here, weren’t you in Singapore?” I shouted in delight and she hugged me regardless of the mud I was soaked in. “Well Ketan and I just got back, I didn’t have you number and was trying to get in touch and I’m sorry about what my driver put you through” said Priya. “Never mind! Just seeing you has lifted me from the gloom that seemed to surround me” I said. “Gloom? And you? Impossible! What’s happened that has kept you from your cheerful self dear?” cried Priya with concern in her voice.

“Isn’t that the umbrella I gifted you? Oh my! So funny! Let me click a picture to remember this moment” giggled Priya as she clicked a picture of my sorry umbrella. Her infectious laughter seemed like the sun shining its way through the dark clouds that surrounded me.
“Come, let’s go grab a change for you and let’s head out for some fun and some girly time. I missed you so much. Time to paint the town red again” winked Priya. As I sat in her car I realized that this was one moment I would always remember. Sometimes you just need to see a cherished face, who with one simple smile can remind you that this too is just a passing phase. The sun will shine brightly again and the tide will turn favorably.

My broken umbrella ( Image source: Original)
Such is the power of #togetherness that came make you look up from a dull and depressing moment and restore the smile to your face.

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