The little things that make me happy

So what are the small little things?
Everyday a smile to your face that can bring…

In our hectic everyday lives, all of us need something that will bring a smile to our faces no matter what. It need not be something really grand, requiring a lot of effort and time. Just something simple to light up your day and make you want to break into a song despite the hard time you’re having.

Imagine getting back home from a hard day at work. Navigating the gruesome traffic snarls and an endless wait, just the thought makes me want to pull out my hair in frustration. Deadlines at work and the endless list of things we have set ourselves to accomplish quite often get in the way of our general happiness levels. We spend most of our waking moments either ruing what could have been or constantly telling ourselves, “I’ll be happy only when…”. It just does not end there. Every milestone that we cross on the path to achievement somehow manages to aggravate the situation. Having got something, it’s never enough and we always land up wanting much more than we had originally thought of.    

For me the only way to end this vicious cycle is to adopt an attitude of gratitude and indulge myself in some of the simple things that make me happy.  It’s really important for me to stop every once in a while and take time out as they say “To really smell the roses”.

Here is a small list of a few things that can make me smile no matter what life throws at me:

1.       Fingers flying over a keyboard- The simple act of putting my fingers to a keyboard whether on a phone or a computer and writing a silly rhyme lights up my day instantly. This simple act can transform me from a grumpy, grouchy, prickly bear to a smiling, unrecognizable person.
2.       Making order out of an unholy mess- Surprised? But it’s true. Once upon a time when I didn't have a maid to do the dishes, I actually found dish washing therapeutic. You’ll probably find me crazy, but my obsession with all things clean seems to get the better of me on a regular basis.
3.       Being grateful and counting my blessings- I might sound like a Pollyanna, but taking time out and actually penning down the things that you are thankful for on a regular basis is a sure shot way to happiness at least for me.
4.       Going for a walk- Though I've really become lazy lately, walking is another way to indulge in an endorphin surge, have some great me time, listen to great music and just watch life pass you by.
5.       A simple meal shared with my family- Cooking a simple meal and sharing it with my family is one of the simple everyday things that make me happy.  I love pestering my folks about how my cooking is and I keep subjecting them to my healthy oil free cooking on a regular basis. Poor them. I prefer water but you can check out the latest video of my brothers go to drink with any meal  here.

  Do drop by and tell me about what simple everyday activity makes you cheerful.


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