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Pravin’s search for the perfect phone to start his Smartphone journey

Pravin’s search for the perfect phone to start his Smartphone journey

Pravin jumped with joy! Finally he had secured a placement at a leading firm after graduation. The moment he was waiting for, had arrived! This time would be full of firsts. His first job and something he had really been looking forward to- his first Smartphone! All his friends sported the latest gadgets but he hadn’t been able to find something that packed a punch and didn’t cost the earth! So he had patiently spent countless hours researching for the perfect Smartphone.  Somehow nothing seemed to suit his requirements. He always felt like he was asking for the moon with his long wish list, especially at the pocket friendly price he wanted. He did not believe in burning a hole in his pocket but, in getting the maximum value for his money with a quality international product.

There were ten key features he believed his perfect Smartphone should have:

  1. Affordable price:  The phone should be so affordable, that he could introduce his entire family to the Smartphone journey.
  2. Premium quality: Most of the brands he had noticed compromised greatly on quality for getting the price down. He was not looking for a cheap fix. He wanted great quality at a competitive price.
  3. Effortless multi tasking:  He had seen most of his friends complain about how their phones hung when they tried to carry out tasks together. Most said it was impossible to stream music, video and upload selfies unless you had the most expensive phones in the market. He hoped someone could make the impossible possible, in the price range he was after.
  4. Latest Android OS:  Hearing nothing but praise about the latest Android operating system and the way it had revolutionized the Smartphone industry, he was dying to experience the Android revolution.   
  5. Top quality photographs: The best thing about a great camera in your Smartphone was that you didn’t have to invest hard earned money in buying a camera separately. He also liked to carry the world in his pocket. So a Smartphone with a great camera was a must have.
  6. A great front camera for selfies: Only the high end phones boasted of front cameras for capturing the latest trend- ‘Selfies’. Not one to be left behind, he wanted his phone to have a feature that allowed him to click the ultimate selfie, rivaling those of his friends.
  7. Network connectivity: He wanted a phone that kept up with the latest network so that he could opt for the best network and have the benefits of the latest technology.
  8. All day long battery: Most of those in his friends’ circle never left home/hostel without their power banks. Even the most expensive phones seemed to require constant charging which was very annoying. What use was a Smartphone if it constantly had to be plugged in somewhere? What if you were travelling to a location where you could not access a charging point for a whole day? If your Smartphone wouldn’t last, then what was so smart about it?
  9. Customization:  Once you bought a phone, you wouldn’t change it frequently. This meant staying with the same look for quite some time.  He wanted an option that allowed him to tailor the look as and when he wished to change it. “If a Smartphone could change colors to suit his mood wouldn’t that be so much fun? A different look for a different day!” thought Pravin.
  10. Great features like the high end Smartphones: Pravin had always wondered when someone would take some of the popular and very useful features of the high end Smartphones and make them a part of the affordable range of phones. Didn’t every user deserve the best experience that money could offer?
When his friends saw his list of the features of the perfect Smartphone, they thought he was crazy. After all, top quality is generally associated with a premium price, isn’t it? One day, he overheard someone talking about the soon to be launched Moto E with its unbelievable price and mind-blowing features. 

At once he opened the website on his friend’s laptop. After quickly scanning the website videos, product information he jumped up and did a little on-the-spot jig! His search for the perfect Smartphone had ended! He had found the one and only phone he would choose to start his Smartphone journey with! He couldn't believe that this phone boasted of everything he had been looking for.  He quickly ticked each of the boxes on his checklist which had remained blank until now.

He was overjoyed that his securing a job coincided with the launch of the new Moto E (2nd generation). Now he would be able to get the topmost quality, the greatest features at an unbeatable price. What more could he ask for?

A joyous Pravin

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So will you #ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E?

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  1. :) but the contest was for "how you would start with new Moto e"...

  2. Hi Partha, thanks for visiting. Yes. This is for the Pravin in each one of us. We all go through similar experiences in life. Especially when picking out our first smartphones. :-)

  3. Amazing write up and presentation. Pravin is in for a treat with this smartphone.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Saru. Your comment is a sure treat for me :-)!!!


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