Juhi’s next breakfast destination- Guptaji’s home

Juhi’s next breakfast destination- Guptaji’s home

Juhi stomped her feet and banged the dishes in the kitchen hard. It was the same irritating scene every morning. Every day, when she would serve breakfast to her family she would only get to hear one thing, “I’m tired of the same old stuff”. This had become a common way for everyone to avoid the most important meal of the day. She was at her wits end, at how to turn the most boring meal of the day into the most interesting one.

Try as she might, innovation in the few minutes she had every morning was really difficult. The morning was not only about getting the children ready for school, preparing their lunchboxes and dropping them off to the bus stop. It was also about catering to the demands of the biggest baby of the house- her husband (who could never find anything and hated whatever she served for breakfast) and getting herself out of the door too in time for work. She really did not have the time or energy left to put something new and tasty on the breakfast table each morning. She wondered if she was the only one. Or was morning madness suffered by all mommies?  Was there someone who could be her guiding light and show a path out of this everyday craziness?

One day, while going to her friend’s place for breakfast she observed a very strange phenomenon. A man coming back  on his scooter with his son walk was accosted by everyone in the colony. “Guptaji, When will you invite us for breakfast? Can I come today?” seemed to be the only question everyone had for this person. Why in the world would every single person male, female or child want to go to his house for breakfast? The minute Juhi rang her friend Seema’s doorbell and the door opened she pounced on her. “Seema, what is this- ‘Can I have breakfast at your house Guptaji’trend?” Juhi questioned. Seema beamed at her and gushed excitedly, “What’s the one everyday problem you wish solved?”.

Juhi looked at her friend, as if she had gone crazy. A grown woman, behaving like a child granted a lollipop. Seema held her hand and twirled her around the drawing room singing, “Freedom from morning madness!!!”. It was then Juhi was able to connect the dots. “You mean the Gupta’s have a solution to all our breakfast woes?” It was Juhi’s turn to dance excitedly. “Yes my dear. She has not one, but a hundred unique recipes that she can whip up for breakfast with just some Kellogg’s cornflakes” exclaimed Seema.

“Wow! A hundred! Sheer genius!” cried out Juhi. “Bt eryone in my family wants something different. I am a health freak. My husband loves mangoes. And my children will not eat anything unless it’s covered in chocolate.” sighed Juhi. “No fear Juhi! For the Gupta’s are here! They have something for everyone.” smiled Seema.  “I’ve tried Mrs. Gupta’s Homework wala nashta (cabbage corn salad in basil dressing), movie wala nashta (sweet cornflake popcorn clusters) and my personal favorites- Oat’s peppy papaya drink and Oat's cutlets.” grinned Seema. “I’m seriously impressed. I want to learn all hundred recipes for everyday nashta. So instead of breakfast at your place, how about going to the Guptaji’s place for nashta instead?” asked Juhi.

So when are you heading to the Kellogg's wale Guptaji for breakfast?  #KelloggsWaleGuptaji

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  1. Breakfast sounds yummy!
    Happy mornings then :)

  2. Thanks for your comments Anita, happy mornings totally :-) :-) :-)


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