What picture does the word ‘Goddess’ paint?
A deity, a gorgeous beauty or an altruistic saint?
A woman who goes beyond the call of duty, expecting no reward in return,
Who acts as a guiding light through life’s every turn.

Divinities are worshipped as women of power and might,
Who can change fortunes if pleased right!
Praying to whom is believed to uplift your life,
Grant every desire and freedom from strife.

Or maybe a vision of breath taking beauty,
A symbol of dignity and purity.
Courage and conviction personified,
The world watches her every stride.

A selfless, compassionate soul,
Whose mission is to make broken lives whole.
Who gives up her life for others,
Countless sacrifices without any bother.

What about women in our everyday lives?
Mothers, daughters, friends, colleagues, sisters and wives!
Every woman has some ‘Goddess’ like quality,
It’s for the beholder to appreciate beyond what the eye can see.

She could be fat and not very tall,
Have a face furthest from the prettiest doll!
Yet she is a ‘Goddess’ for with courage her dreams she’ll pursue,
Regardless of the difficulties along the journey that ensue.

She only wants safety, respect and not to be revered,
Freedom to do what she wants and her voice to be heard.
She’s a normal person just like you,
Who loves her life and the million ways she thinks she’s a ‘Goddess’ too!

So women- let’s worship and celebrate the ‘Goddess’ within,
Men- not respecting and not being thankful for the ‘Goddesses’ in your everyday lives is your biggest sin!

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