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Book Review- Shattered Dreams Part 2 of series ‘Ramayana – The game of life’

Book:  Shattered Dreams- Part 2 of series ‘Ramayana – The game of life’

Author: Shubha Vilas

Genre: Mythology, Spirituality

Shubha Vilas in his latest book- ‘Shattered Dreams’ the second part of the series –‘Ramayana- The game of life’ weaves magic. With his stupendous storytelling he brings the most popular mythological epic- ‘Ramayana’ to life. The first part tells the tale of the rise of the sun prince and ends at the joyful marriage of Rama with Sita. In the second part twelve years have passed since this joyous occasion. The second part takes us through Ayodhya’s exuberant happiness at the announcement of Rama’s crowning followed by the immense grief of his exile.  This book is a poignant depiction of the transformation of Ayodhya from miracle city to the city of all miseries.

With his riveting and gripping narrative style, each character comes to life. A vivid picture is painted in the readers mind. The in depth description of each and every aspect makes visualization very easy. One feels transported into the ancient land of the Ramayana- a totally different era and becomes completely wrapped in the joys and sorrows of Ayodhya’s residents. A timeless epic retold in a powerful, compelling, never before way.

This book is not just about the re-telling of an epic that has been done countless other times. Instead the author, by looking at the lessons learnt from the Ramayana and their application in our daily lives, has given a totally new perspective. This unique method of storytelling makes this work of spirituality a very inspiring and motivating read. With each page, it teaches us how to become better people.

Each page of the book has a footnote denoted by the wooden sandals worn by sages called ‘Padukas’. The ‘Padukas’ reflect and introspect about the learning's gained and their application in our everyday lives. Each characters actions; both positive and negative are reflected upon. The author’s interpretations and questions posed are thought provoking. Simple things like the difference between retention of learning by rote instead of actual comprehension and application of practical learning methods are so beautifully explained that they take your breath away. The importance of goals and how to best achieve ones objectives are very well explained.

The author explains Lord Rama’s reversal of fortune with a very important lesson on how to handle reversals of fortune. When our fortune showers choicest blessings on us we are extremely blissful but when adversity strikes we don’t know what to do except lament. This is what most of us practice in our lives. When Rama embraces both good fortune and its reversal with equal enthusiasm for it teaches us a very important lesson that we must incorporate in our lives to remember that life is a passing phase with both ups and downs that must be taken in its stride.  Also it is imperative for us to realize the permanence of change. The importance of vision and the most essential aspects of leadership often skipped; humility and maturity are discussed in great detail. The author then talks about how the most valuable currency in our lives is trust.

A must read to understand, get closer to our scriptures and imbibe important life lessons.This page turner was one book that I was not able to put down. I would recommend it to be read by everyone interested in mythology or life lessons.

I really enjoyed doing my first book review for blogadda. I’m really looking forward to reading and writing about many more delightful books.

Shattered Dreams
Made the whole of Ayodhya wail and scream
A book of learning of Lord Rama’s life
Ayodhya and the trios greatest strife
Of how fate played its hand
And karma watched from the stands

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