A short story ending with-he ate the last piece of my birthday cake...


The loud pop of a balloon rudely wakes my up from deep slumber. The hands of clock on my phone point to 3 am, as if mocking me.What on earth are my grown up adult children up to? Two loud bangs follow with the screeching noise of a chair being dragged across. Then complete silence. Thankfully elusive sleep transports me to a dreamland, another era. 

Loud voices singing "Happy 60th Birthday Dad", wake me up. My son thrusts a huge bouquet of red roses in my face. "60- just for you Dad". My daughter gives me a new watch and my wife points to a package wrapped in the corner. By the size of it, a golf set is my best bet. A great way to start my retirement, golfing with my buddies.

Walking out to the drawing room I see what magic two elves were weaving last night. Red, blue, green, white, yellow,orange, pink, purple. Balloons in every color float around. Each of them has a ribbon tied to it with a dangling paper square at the bottom. Grabbing one, it looks like a note.

20 of 60 reasons why we love you Dad:
-You are no longer smoky the bear

"60 reasons why we love you Dad", says my daughter and gives me a big hug.

So much love and laughter, still something feels incomplete. How I wish my brother were here. He lives in the U.S. and after our parents passed away we never talk. I don't even remember what that last argument was about. Wish he and his family were here today to complete my celebrations.

Other family and friends keep arriving one by one for the party in the afternoon. After a delicious lunch its time to cut the cake. My son brings out a towering white cake decorated with  blue stars and a big blue bow. The numbers 60 tower above the whole arrangement, looking like a giant blue and white lollipop. 

Cameras flash all around to click the birthday boy, yet that feeling of something being amiss does not leave me. The mountain of cake disappears in flash leaving one last piece. The door bell rings. 
I cannot believe my eyes! My long lost brother! This is the best gift ever!
I'm so glad that he ate the last piece of my birthday cake! 


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