What’s the P on your plate?

Did you ever stop to think, that very bite of your most relished food,
Could be a chemical cocktail laced with pesticides dude?

No amount of rigorous vegetable, fruit washing or cooking,
Will make your plate safer than its now looking

We are forever counting calories,
But what about this monster please?

Pesticides are a slow poison,
Camouflaged in daily food eaten

For no crime of yours,
Your life and generations after exposed.

Indiscriminate spraying of pesticides,
Leads to grave diseases and farmer suicides

Nowhere to hide or to run,
For the damage has already been done.

Unless you try the latest fad,
The answer to in farming for all things bad

Organic farming they say,
Is the great new safer way.

Natural techniques,
Combined with age-old wisdom and recipes

To kill pests,
Yet retain fruit and vegetable goodness at its best.

Authentic organic the label says,
But how to validate that claim nobody cares...

Can you simply trust organic labels,
Priced much higher than the normal staples?

Out of the reach of the normal public,
Why should only the rich afford such tricks?
Food images sourced from Google images.
Blog title image designed from Notegraphy.


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