The Dalai Lama’s Cat (by David Michie)- Book Review

Spiritual fiction at its best... I never thought I'd enjoy reading the escapades of a cat and her spiritual journey. The below rhyme summarizes my learning's from  this must read book.

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What could I possibly learn from a cat?
But his Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s cat, and I bought this book in 10 seconds flat from the flipkart ebook app!

My motivation was trending at an all-time low,
I’d failed to stem the tide of negative emotions that continued to flow.

It was then that HHC came to my rescue,
Made me laugh and dispelled my gloom with a single mew!

Snow lion gazing at the Himalayan splendor from her perch on his Holiness’s windowsill,
Contemplating the mysteries of life as time stood still.

She taught me that it was okay to fail,
But I must keep on trying till life got back on the rail.

Leaving no room for laziness,
Or lack of confidence.

The pitfalls of focusing only on yourself,
The futility of being consumed with envy at others success.

How to practice mindfulness,
And be fully aware of the present moment’s greatness.

Discover the true cause of happiness,
And live a life of kindness.

The importance of good karma,
Which I must now make my dharma.

A big thank you to HHC for your gems of wisdom,
From the latest addition to your ever growing fandom.


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