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Platinum girls platinum day of love!

I've always been fascinated by platinum jewelry ever since I saw the first television advertisements proclaiming their uniqueness. I hated gold that everyone seemed to flaunt and I struggled with re-polishing my silver trinkets that forever seemed to tarnish. I dreamed of the day I would be able to afford the precious metal and promised myself that I'd only wear platinum!

The years came and went and finally after my MBA convocation  three years ago I decided to use the prize money I'd won for being the college topper to make my first platinum purchase- a pair of tiny diamond studded platinum earnings with a matching pendant ( it's going to be a family heirloom that I'm going to pass to the next generation of achievers). I topped it up with a wafer thin platinum chain a year ago and earned the nickname "Plati" at home. Plati is short for platinum girl that my mum lovingly calls me as I refuse to wear anything but P. My brother loves twisting it to "Platapus" though :-).

I'm sure you'll be wondering so what about "Plati's platinum day of love?" For after all isn't what this blog post is about? Well yes it is and this is a true story folks. Plati hits 30 this year and is literally tired of waiting for her knight in shining armor. All of Plati's friends are happily settled and only Plati seems to have missed the boat somewhere, it doesn't bother me much but people around me make sure it's something I don't forget easily, some are kind to be subtle, the others outrageously not concerned about minding their own business.

The fact that bothers me most is why can't a woman buy her own diamond ring man or no man? Everyone I told that one of the list of things I wanted to do before I hit 30 was buy myself a diamond studded platinum ring said I was crazy! "Why don't you get a guy to buy you one?", or "Poor you why don't you wait for the right time!" Some mean enough to say "That desperate are you?"

 And I kept thinking to myself do I really care what these people say? Does a ring have to only be signified for a particular purpose or only a particular finger?  None of these people understand that for me owning a precious platinum piece defines my uniqueness and complements me in every way possible. We are all rare, precious and perfect in our own way and what better way to mark one of the most  important milestones in your life - you only turn 30 once with a splendid sparkler that will forever remind you of how wonderful you are!

So I didn't listen to any naysayers and went with what my heart wanted and went with a very expensive proposition and painstakingly paid EMI's over the course of the year and finally last month  for Diwali bought my precious bauble. My pretty little sparkler gave me so much joy that the day I actually wore it was my platinum day of everlasting love with myself!

But all of us at the end of the day are creatures of sentiment and we would all give everything to find true love! For me that moment would be when my white knight walks in and slips my precious platinum sparkler off the non ring finger it's on now to the correct one and promises to climb every mountain, cross every stream, follow every rainbow with me till we both realize all our dreams!

This post is a part of the indiblogger contest on platinum day of love!


  1. Lovely! :) :)
    All the best for the contest!

  2. Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
    please read my post too

    1. Thanks aditi. Glad you liked it. All the best!

  3. Hahaha.. very cool thought.. I wish my wife thought this way :D

    All the best, Vyomi. :)

  4. Well..... You go girl.... This is such a refreshingly different way to look at things... Well written

  5. Well..... You go girl.... This is such a refreshingly different way to look at things... Well written


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