Here is me ringing the bell and for women wishing well!!

This is V ringing the bell...
And for Women wishing well!

Change is something that begins with me!
So it's my responsibility...

As a woman what can I do?
To make violence against women a big no nooooo.

What can I do to stem the tide?
And inspire other men and women to follow in my stride...

Why should the bell be rung only by men folk?
Shouldn't we women also this fire stoke???

After all, the circumstances could be anything
But isn't it us, who  must be strong enough to decide

We are lucky that we live in better times
Where there is awareness against such crimes

We can choose to take a stand
And put an end to any torture of this brand

As a woman to safeguard myself
I will ensure there are 3 main things on my must have shelf

The most important thing is financial independence
Come what may I promise myself never ever for finance on anyone ever to be dependent

However hard it may be,
I will always be responsible for providing for me and standing on my own two feet

My education is my shield which I will forever upgrade
I will invest in myself ,my career and never be afraid

I will get trained in self defense techniques
And never ever walk down the helplessness street

That said I will never  hesitate to help any woman I come across who needs my support
I will raise my voice ,take a stand, and aid in charting a better course

Community action always helps
But the biggest change lies within ourselves

People who  are visiting here please make it a point to see this wonderful video from TED talks and encourage more men to take a stand
Women, you will all appreciate this and men we need more of such men like you please...

So men and women,  come let us take the pledge
Join us in spreading the word as together this is one thing we can put forever to rest!!!

To bajao the bell and make the world a safer place for women

This post is for the "Indiblogger, Indichange- Ring the bell" campaign
Keep ringing everyone!!!!


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