My Dil Ki Deal with my Grandmother on her birthday

My Dil Ki Deal with my Grandmother on her birthday

My maternal Grandmother whom I fondly call Nanz {my version of Nani :-)} is a really difficult person to please. She does not like the usual gifts and when the time for her birthday approaches all of us really try our hardest to find something out of the box to light up her face.

She is a very simple, down to earth person who doesn't like to be fussed over.  She will prefer handmade gifts like cards, embroidered handkerchiefs and anything you’ve put your heart into making for her, even if it’s picking a flower from the garden.  About 3-4 years ago, I planned a surprise visit on her birthday (since I stayed away from my family) and instructed my brother dear to help in making her birthday extra special with a very special and innovative gift.  Being an instant poet, I wrote down a rhyme for her and asked brother dear to get it printed and framed with a photograph of me and Nanz.

Her happiness knew no bounds when I walked into her room that day. She said that, just my being with her on her birthday was the most special present ever! When I asked her to open her present she fussed as usual. “I don’t need any more suits, shawls or books. I have everything. I don’t need anything!” After much emotional atyachaar, I finally managed to convince her.  When she saw what her gift was; my poem and our photograph framed she jumped up to hug me in a tight embrace and read each every single word kissing both me and the frame. She showed my gift to every person who came to wish her that day and afterward reading it out to them.

Last year my dearest Nanz was diagnosed with Dementia. She is slowly becoming more and more confused and cannot tell day from night along with a host of other dementia related problems. When my brother visited her on Holi this year, she confused him for my cousin but later recollected, wondering why she had been confused in the first place.  It’s really heartbreaking to see someone who could remember all the phone numbers in the phonebook from memory and who was the resident Dr. Fix It have difficulty in recalling her last meal. The person who held my mother’s hand and taught her to paint as a child now needs help in recognizing which color to color the sun with. All of us constantly pray and hope for her good health.

She is the most special person in my life and I’m her most favored grandchild. My eyes are already wet writing this but what I want to say by means of this post is that; just a small, simple gesture can make another person extremely happy and always think of that happy moment. So never fail to express your kindness and love at every opportunity. The reward in terms of the other person’s happiness will be unmatched forever.

The poem I wrote for her is below accompanied by a photograph of both of us.

My dearest darling sweetie pie Nanz
You are the super coolest gran
and I am forever your ardent fan

Your sense of humor is simply fab
You really know how to turn a moment into fun from dull and drab

You keep me grounded and down to earth
And have taught me how to respect everything's worth

From you I learnt always to wear a smile
Even if I have to walk shoeless for countless miles

You taught me how to keep a level head
Pursue my goals and forge ahead

Your emphasis on hard work has always stayed
Which is why every challenge I happily embrace

Even in the face of adversity
You radiate so much positive energy
That adversity says I picked the wrong one
And takes an about turn coz you leave it with no choice but to run

From you I learnt how to be grateful
Count my blessings and be joyful

Your knack for fixing things has me amazed
Our prayer machine is always unfazed

Where do you get so much patience from?
Never on your face have I seen a frown!

I simply love your silver grey hair
You spoil everyone with your incessant care

You never objected to my endearment nanzy-noodles
I'll love you forever oodles and oodles and oodles...

So happy birthday dearest Nani
Jo hain sabsey sayani, gyyani and from who I learnt how to do maan maani

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